What Is the Difference between Hotel and Motel?

You might be someone looking for an amazing vacation experience far away from home. But choosing a perfect place to stay can be a daunting experience despite being a seasoned traveler.

So, what is the difference between hotel and motel? The former is an establishment that provides lodgings, entertainment, and meals, while the latter provides lodging rooms that can be accessed via parking.

Telling the differences and similarities between hotels and motels may sound simple, but you need to know a thing or two. This article provides detailed insight into the similarities and differences between these two types of homes away from home.

Differences between Hotel and Motel with Table

Terms Hotel Motel
Meaning An establishment that provides meals, entertainment, lodgings, and various personal services. An establishment that provides lodgings and parking from which one can access the room from it.
Rooms Not accessible from the outdoor parking Accessible from the outdoor parking.
Facilities More amenities and facilities Basic facilities
Cost More expensive More affordable
Security Better security Has security issues
Locations Cities, villages, sports arenas, tourist attractions, business districts, and airport Rural areas and outskirts of the town
Ratings Between 1 and 7 stars Between 1 and 2 stars
Size and Appearance Multi-storied Single or double-storied building.
Quality High-quality construction products. Low-quality construction products.
Communal Spaces Have a large communal space. Lack of communal space except for the reception area.

What Is a Hotel?

A hotel is an establishment that provides lodging, entertainment, meals, and other personal services to the tourists or public. The size and hotel type will determine the number of services offered.

Upscale luxury hotels have luxury facilities, full-service accommodations, on-site full-service restaurants, and professional services. These hotels have five or seven-star status since they host celebrities and politicians or wealthy people.

Full-service hotels also have full-service accommodations and amenities. These hotels hold the four or five stars status since they offer close to full-size luxury facilities and amenities to the public.

The boutique hotel is a small establishment with 10 to 100 rooms. An inn is a small place where travelers seek lodging, food, and drink. Inns are usually considered to be precursors of hotels.

What Is a Motel?

A motel is another type of hotel located on highways to offer accommodations to motorists. The rooms have low block arrangements with outdoor parking where the guest can access the rooms.

Motels usually fulfill the basic needs of a traveler like sleeping or bathing. They are also affordable when compared to hotels. The technological advancement in construction has spearheaded a change in motel design.

Main Differences between Hotel and Motel

  1. Motel accommodation is more affordable than a hotel.
  2. Hotels are situated in densely populated areas, whereas motels are in less populated areas.
  3. Hotels are found in big cities and small cities, while motels are found in rural areas and highways.
  4. Hotels offer full-service accommodation, meals, and entertainment, while motels only offer the basic needs of travelers.
  5. Hotels are multi-storied buildings, whereas motels are single or double-storied buildings.

Similarities between Hotel and Motel

  1. Both offer accommodation to travelers.
  2. Both are found in rural and urban areas

My Final Thoughts

Motels and hotels have some close similarities in many ways. When put side-by-side, they defer in luxury facilities, comfort, and amenities. Motels are ideal for short-time guests who want to rest before resuming the journey.

Hotels are suitable for tourists or people who want to stay for a long-time.  The full service, meals, and accommodation facilitate excellent comfort. The main difference between hotels and motels is the type of services and facilities they offer.

We hope this article will help you differentiate between motels and hotels. Feel free to share your experiences in the comment section on staying in a motel and hotel. Kindly share the information with your friends or family members.

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