What Is the Difference between 2 Star and 3 Star Hotels?

Hotel ratings in the United States and Europe have a scale of one to seven. The star rating systems describe the hotel’s quality services to their customers. Private agencies and websites award these stars based on a wide variety of criteria.

So, what is the difference between 2 star and 3 star hotels? A two-star hotel offers basic room options while a three-star hotel offers multiple room options. Besides that, a three-star hotel is more spacious and comfortable than its two-star counterparts.

I wrote this article to provide detailed insights into the differences between 2 star and 3-star hotels in a table. Take the time to also read through the similarities between 2 star and 3-star hotels for more insights.

Comparison Table (2 Star Vs 3 Star Hotels)

Basic Terms Two Star Hotel Three Star Hotel
Meaning It is a hotel type that offers basic necessities with unlimited amenities. It is a hotel type that offers a balance between affordability and amenities.
Room Option Basic room option Multiple room options
Restaurant Do not have an on-site restaurant. Have an on-site restaurant.
Services Do not offer room service, baggage service, or velvet parking. Offer room service, baggage service, on-site medical service, and velvet parking.
Facilities Lack pools, bar, and conference rooms. Have bars, pools, and conference rooms.
Space Have less space Are more spacious
Price Inexpensive Too expensive
Exercise Options No gym and swimming pools Have swimming pools and a gym
Tourist Attraction Do not attract tourists Attract tourists
Comfort Less comfortable Quite comfortable

What Is a 2 Star Hotel?

A two-star hotel is part of a franchise that offers basic necessities and unlimited amenities to its clients. The hotel room has a television and phone with a clothing closet.

The hotel focuses on one-night services with self-serve dining and snacks. The daily housekeeping service and billed service make them attractive.

These hotels are affordable and more comfortable for one night. Besides that, they are highly accessible due to their brand recognition.

What Is a 3 Star Hotel?

A three-star hotel offers a balance between affordability and amenities. The style focus makes this mid-tier hotel more comfortable than two-star hotels.

The guests get basic necessities with bonus accessories that make their stay comfortable. The spacious rooms with comfy chairs and a desk make the hotel super expensive.

The hotel has on-site amenities such as wi-fi, a gym, a pool, and dining facilities for breakfast. The velvet parking makes this three-star hotel attract local and international tourists.

Three-star hotels can also accommodate business needs like conference or meeting rooms. The room service and 24-hour customer support desk are available.

Main Difference between 2 Star and 3 Star Hotels

  1. 2-star hotels are inexpensive while 3-star hotels are quite expensive.
  2. A 3-star hotel has more space while 2-star hotel is less spacious
  3. 2 star hotel offer simple and basic necessities while 3-star hotel offers a balance between affordability and comfort.
  4. 3-star hotels have an on-site restaurant and bar while 2-star hotels lack an on-site bar and restaurant.
  5. 2-star hotel lack on-site exercise facilities while 3-star hotel has on-site exercise facilities
  6. 2 star hotel has basic room options while 3 star hotel has multiple room options

Similarities between 2 Star and 3 Star Hotels

  1. Both hotels have room service
  2. Both hotels have 24hour desk assistance
  3. Both hotels are accessible and convenient
  4. Both hotels have bars and restaurants near them.
  5. Both hotels may offer one night service


The main difference between 2 star and 3-star hotels is that the former focus on the basics of a one-night stay while the latter focus on business travels and multiple-night stays.

Three-star hotels offer a variety of on-site amenities to accommodate business travelers or tourists. These facilities are business meeting rooms, pools, and a fitness center.

Two-star hotel lodging facilities are ideal for local communities looking for a one-night stay. It is more readily available and convenient than 3-star hotels that need early bookings.

I hope the information helped you understand the difference between 3-star hotels and 2-star hotels. Feel free to share this article with your friends or families. You can also share a 2-star hotel example in the comment section in your country.

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