What Is the Difference between Economy and Premium Economy?

When I started travelling frequently by airplane about ten years ago, I used to find it challenging to choose the perfect seating level. But through trial and error, I understood the different seating classifications.

So, what is the difference between economy and premium economy? The former is the lowest and most inexpensive class in air travel, while the latter bridge the gap between economy and business class though limited to specific airlines.

Understanding the seating classification in an airline can be a daunting experience for first-timers. We wrote this article to explain the differences between economy and premium economy class in an airline.

Difference between Economy and Premium Economy with Table

Terms Economy Class Premium Economy Class
Ranking The lowest class in an airline Bridge the gap between economy and business class
Availability Available on all airlines and flights with different names. Only available on international airlines.
Amenities Fewer amenities and services Extra legroom, premium food services, adjustable headrest, and seat recline.
Seat Pitch 29-36 inches 36-40 inches
Seat Width 17-18 inches 18-21 inches
Laptop Power Each seat lacks a power outlet Each seat has a power outlet
AC Power May not provide a power outlet Provides power outlet
Meals No free meals Offer free meals
Price Affordable Expensive
Fare Codes Y W

What Is Economy Class?

It is the lowest travel class in an airline since it is inexpensive compared to others. The passengers usually sit in the main cabin of the flight with small and densely packed seats without legroom.

The flight attendants are also limited in this cabin due to fewer service requirements. The seats pitch maybe slightly longer on international flights with a distance of 29-36 inches between rows.

Due to the short distances, domestic flights with economy class do not serve meals. But international flights may serve meals and snacks at a fee. Many people consider economy class for budgeted or poor travelers.

What Is Premium Economy Class?

The premium economy class helps to bridge the gap between economy and business class on international flights. Travelers have to pay a higher price to enjoy the comfort and amenities.

The premium food services, extra legroom, power outlets, and personal TV screen make the seating level worth the value of your money. The seat width is about 18-21 inches and the seat pitch is 36-40 inches.

The premium economy class is not available on all airlines. Most major airlines have first class, business class, and economy class. We recommend trying each seating level and sharing your experience with us.

Main Differences between Economy and Premium Economy

  1. The premium economy class is more expensive than the economy class.
  2. Premium economy class has more amenities and services than economy class.
  3. Economy class is the lowest in the airline, while the premium economy is positioned between economy and business class.
  4. Economy class is available on all flights and airlines, while the premium economy is limited to specific airlines.
  5. The premium economy class serves free meals and snacks, while the economy class does not serve free meals.

Similarities between Economy and Premium Economy

  1. Both classes are crowded with closely packed seats.
  2. Both have a poor reputation.
  3. Ideal for budgeted travelers.

My Final Thoughts

Economy and premium economy are among the travel classes in an airline. The economy class is the least expensive, while the premium economy class is slightly more expensive than the former.

The main difference between economy and premium economy is that the latter offers more amenities and facilities than the former. Understanding these differences will help make an informed decision before booking a ticket.

We hope this information will help solve the puzzle when booking a flight ticket. Feel free to share the article with your friends or family members. Kindly let us know your experiences with various seating levels during air travel.

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