What Is the Difference between 5 Star and 7 Star Hotels?

When I started traveling about ten years ago, comfort and luxury are factors to consider before booking a hotel. 5-star and 7-star hotels are the types of luxurious hotels that can offer maximum satisfaction to their guests.

So, what is the difference between 5-star and 7-star hotels? The former is rated by standard and generally accepted rating systems with clear criteria, while the latter ratings are ambiguous with no clear criteria.

The services offered by a 5-star hotel are similar to those in 7-star hotels. Understanding hotel rating systems can be confusing for some people. This article provides a comprehensive insight into the difference between 7-star and 5-star hotels.

Difference between 5 Star and 7 Star Hotel with Table

Terms 5-Star Hotel 7-Star Hotel
The legality of Rating System Set by standard and generally accepted rating systems. The ratings are ambiguous with no clear criteria.
Comfort Provide high-quality comfort to its customers from the available facilities. The maximum level of comfort and luxury to the customers due to the high-end amenities.
Cost Comparatively lower Comparatively higher
Personalized Services May or may not provide personalized services. Provide personalized services to customers.
Architecture Better than 3 and 4 stars Magnificent and amazing decorations.

What Is a 5-Star Hotel?

The five-star rating is only awarded to the most luxurious and comfortable hotels in the world. The ratings are based on the high standard of services, hospitality, and maintenance.

World-famous chefs are responsible for preparing gourmet food. My favorite things about 5-star hotels are valet parking, business centers, meeting facilities, concierge services, and butler services.

The amazing architecture, interior decorations, beautiful landscaping, and tasteful furniture are some of the hidden gems associated with 5-star hotels. Examples of 5-star hotels are four seasons, Peninsula, and Ritz-Carlton.

What Is a 7-Star Hotel?

A 7-star hotel does not exist though people usually advertise these hotels due to their uniqueness. The ratings are ambiguous since they do not follow the set of standards and generally accepted guidelines.

Examples of 7-star hotels are Burj Al Arab in Dubai, Town House Galleria in Italy, and Pangu Seven Star Hotel in Beijing. These hotels offer private and individual receptions on every floor throughout the day and night.

Main Differences between 5-Star and 7-Star Hotel

  1. A 7-star hotel is more expensive than a 5-star hotel.
  2. 7-star hotel ratings are ambiguous, while those of 5-star are standardized and generally accepted.
  3. The 5-star hotel has a luxurious ambiance, while the 7-star atmosphere is exceptional.
  4. 5-star hotels do not have personalized services, whereas 7-star hotels have personalized services.
  5. 7-star hotels have more attractive architecture and interior design than 5-star hotels.

Similarities between 5-Star and 7-Star Hotel

  1. Both have excellent fine dining experiences.
  2. The costs of staying in these hotels are high.
  3. Both have exceptional customer service.
  4. Ideal for wealthy people, celebrities, and politicians.

My Final Thoughts

If you have a bank account that can handle the living costs of a 5-star or 7-star hotel, give yourself the treat to unwind the working stresses. Common people aka Southerners cannot afford to spend a hotel in such high-end hotels.

The main difference between 5-star and 7-star is comfort and luxury. But the pricing and customer service are similar. Each brand has a hotel chain operating all over. We hope this information will help you make an informed decision before booking.

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