7Up vs Sprite: 15 Basic Difference between 7Up and Sprite

Sprite and 7Up are the leading brands of sodas across the world. The giant soft drinks are owned by Coca-Cola and Pepsi companies.

So, what is the main difference between sprite and 7Up? Sprite is a soft drink that uses sodium salt in its preparation whereas 7Up is another soft drink that uses potassium salt in its preparation.

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Comparison Table (7Up Vs Sprite)

Basic Terms 7 Up Sprite
Main Company Pepsi Coca Cola
Market Introduction 1929 1960
Main Salt Potassium  Salt Sodium  Salt
Origin Germany United States
Market Share Less More
Ingredients Filtered carbonated water, natural flavors, potassium citrate, sucralose, potassium benzoate, and calcium disodium Carbonate water, citric acid, flavors, sodium citrate, fructose corn syrup, and sodium benzoate
Carbonation Quite more Quite less
Region of Dominance Asian countries Africa, Europe, and America
Taste Taste bitter and hard gulp into the large intestines Taste sweet and easy to gulp down the large intestines
Additives Lots of artificial preservatives Lots of natural flavors
Calorie It has low calories of about 87 calories per 500 ml. Has high calories of about 140 calories per 500 ml
Fizz Has lots of fizzes and a strong taste Has a low number of fizz
Flavor Lemon-lime flavor Lime flavor
Color Colorless Transparent and Colorless
Popularity Less popular Quite popular

What is 7Up?

7UP is a colorless lemon-limed flavored soft drink. It originated in Germany and was introduced in the market in 1929.

The soft drink is manufactured by Pepsi Cola Company. It uses potassium salt in the formula and it tends to occupy little market share.

The drink has maintained its fame for a couple of decades. The most amazing thing is that the drink is quite popular in Asian countries.

What Is Sprite?

Sprite is a transparent and colorless soft drink that originated from the United States of America. The drink was discovered in 1960 to counter the growth of 7Up.

The main salt of the sprite is sodium salt and it has a lime flavor. The product is manufactured by Coca Cola Company.

The market share of soft drinks is quite high. The product is popular in Africa, Europe, and the United States of America.

Main Differences between 7Up and Sprite In Point Form

  1. Sprite is owned by Coca Cola Company whereas 7Up is owned by Pepsi Company
  2. 7Up was introduced in the market in 1929 whereas sprite was introduced in 1960
  3. The main salt of 7up is potassium salt whereas that of the sprite is sodium salt
  4. The origin of 7Up is from Germany whereas sprite is from the United States of America
  5. The market share of 7Up is less whereas that of the sprite is quite high
  6. Sprite has more calories whereas 7Up has fewer calories
  7. 7Up is dominant in Asian countries whereas sprite is dominant in Africa, Europe, and the United States
  8. Sprite has low fizz whereas 7Up has a lot of fizzes
  9. Sprite has a lot of additives whereas 7Up has few additives
  10. Sprite taste sweet and easy to gulp whereas 7Up is bitter and hard to gulp down

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Sprite or 7up More Popular?

Sprite is more popular in Europe, Africa, and the United States whereas 7Up is more popular in Asian Countries. Generally, sprite is more popular in the world today.

  • Is Sprite Or 7up Better For an Upset Stomach?

Not really. The presence of carbonate in the soft drink offers little relief to the stomach upset. The presence of Ginger Ale ingredient is responsible for relieve in stomach upset.

  • Is 7up a Healthy Drink?

Yes. It has low calories and carbs. The presence of vitamin-fortified and calcium in the soft drink make it healthier than sprite.

  • Is Sprite Good For Vomiting?

Not recommended. It is advisable to start with a sip of clean water then followed by a sprite after some minutes.

  • Is 7up Considered Soda?

It is a brand of lemon-lime-flavored non-caffeinated soft drink. Some people from Asian Countries consider it as a soda.

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The main difference between 7Up and Sprite is that 7Up is owned by Pepsi while sprite is owned by Coca-Cola. 7up soft drink is popular in Asia while sprite is popular in Africa, Europe, and the United States. There are few similarities between sprite and 7up like the colorless nature.

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