10 Difference between Chinos and Khakis (With Table)

The world of fashion and design is associated with women alone. But men also want to look sharp and impressive today.

Men need to know how to choose and match pants with their shirts. It is something that tends to toss the mind of many men on the ocean.

Chinos and khakis are super easy to match. A lot of men are considering these designs due to their simplicity in the world of fashion.

So, what is the main difference between chinos and khakis? The former is worn in semi-formal settings while the latter in casual settings.

Keep in mind that chinos are known for their relative seamless and dressier looks while khakis for their loose fit and multiple pockets.

This article provides a comprehensive comparison between chinos and khakis. Take the time to read through it and make an informed decision before buying.

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Comparison Table (Chinos vs Khakis)

Basic Terms Chinos Khakis
Cotton Content 100 percent lightweight cotton material 100 percent heavyweight cotton material
Pockets A few hidden pockets Multiple pockets
Stitching Design Concealed stitches Visible stitches
Colors Wide range of colors such as red, blue, and green Have neutral and earthy colors.
Style Flat-front style Pleated and flat-front styles.
Ironing Not ideal for regular ironing Need to be iron more often
Occasion Dressier and stylish pants Casual pants and alternative to jeans.
Durability Less durable More durable
Weather Summer Winter and spring
Cost Super expensive Less expensive

What Are Chinos?

Chinos are comfortable fashion pants made from lightweight cotton materials. These pants came into existence at around 20th C in China.

Chinos are popular in the UK and Europe due to their slim and modern fit design. These fashion pants are available in several colors and styles.

The pants have few hidden pockets and flat-front style. The material rarely needs ironing and the stitches are super hidden.

Chinos are ideal for professional work and formal events. But they can be worn with casual shirts, sweaters, and jackets. Check out the best chinos deal on Amazon.

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What Are Khakis?

Khakis are comfortable fashion pants made from heavyweight cotton materials. These pants came into existence in the 19th C during the British Imperialism in their colonies.

Khaki literary refers to the yellowish-brown color. These stylish pants are long-lasting and they were popular across the world in the 1960s.

Khakis are available in neutral and earthy colors such as black, navy blue, and beige. These pants need regular ironing since they are vulnerable to wrinkles.

But these comfortable pants are ideal for casual events or alternatives to denim. They are ideal for manual labor, light dinners, and small daytime events.

Khaki pants combine perfectly with polo shirts, T-shirts, and button-down shirts. Check out the best khakis deal on Amazon.

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Main Difference between Chinos and Khakis

  1. Chinos have lightweight cotton materials. Khakis have heavyweight cotton materials.
  2. Chinos have flat-front styles. Khakis come in pleated and flat-front styles
  3. Chinos come in several colors. Khakis have neutral and earthy colors
  4. Chinos rarely need ironing. Khakis need regular ironing.
  5. Chinos have concealed stitching while khakis have visible stitches.
  6. Chinos are dressier and stylish pants. Khakis are casual and alternative to jeans

Similarities between Chinos and Khakis

  1. Both are made from cotton materials
  2. Both are comfortable fashion pants
  3. Both worn by men and women
  4. Both have unique labels

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In Conclusion

Choosing between chinos and khakis can be a daunting experience. Every individual has unique tastes and preferences when it comes to fashion.

Chinos are an excellent choice for those involved in professional work and office duties. They have a dressier and stylish outlook to consider.

Khakis are the perfect choice for those involved in casual events and manual labor. These stylish pants have several pockets and are made from durable materials.

Get to know how and when to wear these stylish pants. Here is a list of premium chino brands and khaki brands to consider (Amazon).

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