8 Interesting Difference between Flapjacks and Pancakes

What is the difference between flapjacks and pancakes?

Flapjacks and pancakes are two terms that tend to confuse a lot of people around the world. These two foods have a different meaning in the United States and the United Kingdom.

The article provides a core difference between flapjacks and pancakes in tabular form as well as point form. Let’s find out:

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What Are Flapjacks?

Flapjacks have two meanings according to the US and UK. In the UK, flapjacks are sweet and dense cakes made from oats.

These cakes are also known as granola bars, cereal bars, muesli bars, and oats bars. The main ingredients of flapjacks are brown sugar, oats, golden syrup, and butter.

These sweet treats can be served as breakfast or as dessert. They can be consumed with coffee and tea. The good news is that they easier to make and they take little time.

According to our friend in the US and Canada, flapjacks are known as pancakes. Therefore, the two terms are used interchangeably.

Difference between Flapjacks and Pancakes

What Are Pancakes?

Pancakes are thin, flat, and fried cakes on both sides using the pan. They are also known as griddlecakes or hotcakes.

The main ingredients behind the making of pancakes are flour, eggs, milk, butter, and baking powder. The batter is spread on the cakes while being fried and cooked.

Some of the common toppings added on the pancakes are jam, maple syrup, sugar, fruits, and honey. They are suitable for breakfast or dessert.

The ingredients used in making pancakes tend to vary according to the culture and region. Some common types of pancakes include serabi (Indonesian), dosa (India) and crepe, palatschinke (eastern and central Europe).

According to history, these are some of the earliest and widespread desserts being used by many people across the world.  

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Comparison Chart: Flapjacks vs Pancakes

Basic Terms Flapjacks Pancakes
Meaning Are either sweet tray baked bars made from oats or pancakes? Are flat cakes with a thin batter and fried on both sides.
In the UK Sweet tray baked bars made from oats. Fried flat cakes with a thin batter and cooked on both sides.
Main Ingredients Brown sugar, oats, golden syrup and butter Flour, eggs, milk, butter and baking powder
Toppings Not used. Common fillings used are jam, maple syrup, sugar, fruits, and honey.
Other Names Pancakes in the US. Griddlecakes or hotcakes
Types Number Only one Three types such as Serabi (Indonesian), dosa (India) and crepe, palatschinke (eastern and central Europe)
Popularity Not common Quite popular
How To Cook Baking Fried on the pan and cooked both sides.

Core Differences between Flapjacks and Pancakes In Point Form

  1. Flapjacks are sweet tray-baked bars made from oats while pancakes are flat cakes with a thin batter and cooked on both sides.
  2. Pancakes are made from thin batter while flapjacks are made from oats.
  3. Ingredients of pancakes are flour, milk, eggs, butter, and baking powder whereas those of flapjacks are brown sugars, butter, and golden syrup.
  4. British flapjacks do not need any toppings or fillings whereas pancakes need toppings such as honey, and maple syrup among many others.
  5. Flapjacks are baked whereas pancakes are fried and cooked both sides
  6. Pancakes are quite popular whereas flapjacks are not 
  7. Pancakes are also known as hotcakes whereas flapjacks are known as pancakes in the US

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Flapjacks and Pancakes the Same Thing?

Yes. The only difference is the country where they are prepared. Besides that, flapjacks and pancakes have unique ingredients. 

  • What Do British Call Pancakes?

British pancakes are the same thing as crepes. Crepe is the French word, pancake the English.

  • Is Flapjack a Biscuit or Cake?

Not Really. Flapjacks are thick biscuits made from oats, butter, and syrup. Flapjacks are thin, flat, circular pieces of cooked batter made of milk, flour, and eggs. Flapjacks are usually rolled up or folded and eaten hot with a sweet or savory filling.

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The core difference between flapjacks and pancakes is the region. According to the UK community, flapjacks and pancakes are two different things but in the US, they are used interchangeably.

These two foods can be used for breakfast and also as a dessert. I hope the information provided in the guide has been useful.

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