16 Important Difference between Left and Right Wing with Table

What is the difference between left and right wing?

The political spectrum is a system of classifying political positions, ideologies, and parties from social equality. It is the system that has result in left-wing, centrism, and right-wing.

The main difference between the right and left-wing is that the right-wing has a political philosophy of conservative whereas the right-wing has a political philosophy of liberals.

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 Difference between Left and Right Wing

Comparison Table (Left Wing vs Right Wing)

Basic Terms Left-Wing Right Wing
Political Philosophy Liberals Conservatives
Economic Policy Income equality, higher tax rates on the wealthy, strong regulations on businesses, and increase government spending Fewer taxes, less regulation on businesses, a balanced budget, and reduced government spending
Healthcare Policy Support universal healthcare, affordable care act, expansion of Medicare and Medicaid Do not support universal healthcare and affordable care act
Immigration Policy Provide citizenship for undocumented young immigrants Provide stronger border patrol and fence against illegal immigrants
Education Policy Support expanded fee and public education Encourage parents to either opt for homeschooling, private school or public education
Abortion Support access to abortion and embryonic stem cell research Do not support abortion rights and stem cell research
Gay Rights Support gay marriage and anti-discrimination law to protect LGBT Oppose gay marriage and certain anti-discrimination law
Gun Rights Support gun control laws Strongly oppose gun control laws
Environmental Policy Ban economic activities that could potentially harm the environment Believe the free market will find a solution to environmental problems
Voter ID Laws Do not support voter ID laws citing undue burden to low-income earners Support voter ID laws to combat voter fraud
Percentage of US Population Identifying themselves as 23% 38%
Political Parties Associated Democratic Party, Green, and Socialists Republican Party and Constitutional Party
Ideologies Social democracy, federalism, socialism, communism, Marxism, and collectivism Capitalism and conservatism
Media Houses Associated with The New York Times, MSNBC, Washington Post, CNN National Review, Fox News, Wall Street Journal, Washington Times
Famous Proponents of Ideology Barack Obama, Karl Marx, Barney Frank, Noam Chomsky, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Friedrich Engels, Nancy Pelosi, and Warren Buffett. Mitt Romney, Donald Trump, Ronald Reagan, Tony Abbott, George W. Bush, George Washington, Winston Churchill, Rupert Murdoch, Rush Limbaugh, Mitch McConnell, and Margaret Thatcher
Core Beliefs Minority rights, economic equality, gun control, environmental protection, expanded educational opportunity Limited Government at National or Federal Level. Local Governments should have the most control over decisions affecting the local population.

What Is Left-Wing?

It is a political spectrum that comes into existence during the French revolution. It was a group of legislatures who sat on the left side of the parliamentary president.

The political philosophy of the left-wing is liberal. They typically support income equality, higher tax rates on the wealthy, and stronger business regulations.

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What Is Right-Wing?

It is a group of the legislature that sat on the right side of the parliamentary president. It also comes into existence during the French revolution.

The political philosophy of the right-wing is conservative. The wing typically supports lower taxes, less regulation on businesses, and reduce government spending.

Main Difference between Left and Right Wing

  1. Left-wing political philosophy is liberal whereas right-wing political philosophy is conservative
  2. Left-wing support higher taxes rates on the wealthy whereas the right-wing support lower taxes
  3. Left-wing support gay marriage and anti-discrimination laws to protect the LGBT community whereas the right-wing oppose gay marriages and anti-discrimination laws
  4. The left-wing support gun control laws whereas the right-wing oppose gun control laws
  5. The Left-wing is associated with the democratic party, green and socialist whereas the right-wing is associated with the republican party and constitutional party
  6. Left-wing famous proponents are Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Warren Buffet whereas right-wing famous proponents are George W Bush, George Washington, Mitt Romney, and Donald Trump.

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French Revolution results in the political spectrum that triggered left and right-wing. The core difference between left and right-wing is that left-wing is an ideology supported by liberals whereas right-wing is an ideology supported by a conservative.

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