What Is The Difference between Catholic and Christian?

What is the difference between catholic and Christian? The main difference between catholic and Christian is that a Catholic is a Christian who follow catholic religion through a succession of Pope whereas Christian is a follower of Jesus Christ and comprise of all denomination.

Christianity is the core Abrahamic religion that comprises of Catholic Church, Lutheran Church, Eastern Orthodox Church, Protestantism, and Methodism.

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15 Difference between Catholic and Christian (With Table)

Difference between Catholic and Christian With Table

Basic Terms Catholic Christian
Virgin Mary Believe she was without sin Believe she was full of sin
Attending Mass Attend mass throughout the week Attend service on Sunday only
Statues and Representation Accept the depiction of Christ and Mary in the form of pictures or statues Limit depiction from being display in church or chapel
Hierarchy Believe in the supremacy of the pope as the authority leader Follow any church based on the new testament
Teachings Are derived from sacred scriptures and sacred tradition Are derived from the holy book
Salvation Attained through baptism Attained by believing and having faith in Christ
Leaders Pope is the supreme leader appointed in the Vatican Leaders are elected by the church council
Number of Books in the Bible 73 books 66 or 73 books
Purgatory Affirmed Believed in by various denominations.
Praying through Mary, Saints, and Angels Allowed Most believers pray directly to God
Direction of Prayer Facing the blessed sacrament Believe God is everywhere
Original Languages Latin and Greek Aramaic, Greek, Hebrew
Population The largest religions in the world Has the highest number of followers in the world
Legislation Canon laws, diocesan law, the papal decree Varies through denomination
The virtue of the Religion Love Love and justice

What Is Catholicism?

Catholicism is the largest denomination of Christianity. A catholic is a Christian who follows the catholic religion transmitted through the succession of the Pope.

The Pope is the leader of the Catholic Church and the church originated from the Roman province of Judea.

The hierarchical clergy of the church in the Holy Order are Deacons, monks, nuns, Priests, and Bishops.

Catholicism allows the usage of pictures, crosses, and statues to depict Mary, Jesus, and other saints.

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What Is Christianity?

Christianity is the largest religion in the world. It refers to a group of believers who follow Christ. Examples of Christian churches are catholic, protestant, Anglican, orthodox, and Mormon among many others.

The followers believe in one God who is the father, son, and Holy Spirit. The hierarchical clergy comprise of priest, bishops, ministers, monks, and nuns.

The means of salvation among Christians is through Christ’s passion, death, and resurrection. Love and justice is the virtue on which religion is based upon.

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Main Difference between Catholic and Christian

  1. Catholic holy book has 73 collections whereas Christian holy book has 66 or 73 collection
  2. Catholic believe Mary was without sin while Christians believe Mary had sin just like us.
  3. Catholic legislation is based on canon laws, diocesan laws, and papal decree whereas Christian legislation varies through the denomination
  4. Catholic allow the use of pictures, statues, and crosses whereas Christian limit the use in church
  5. Catholic founder is Jesus Christ and St. Peter the apostle whereas Christian founder is the Lord Jesus Christ

Similarities between Catholic and Christian

  1. Both have a place of worship
  2. Both originated from Judea
  3. Both believe in one God
  4. Both have holy days
  5. Both affirm the second coming of Jesus Christ

Catholic vs Christian FAQs

Is Catholic a Form of Christianity?

Yes. It is the largest branch of Christianity that believes in the teaching, life, and death of Jesus. Keep in mind that all Roman Catholics are Christians but not all Christians are catholic.

Can a Catholic Marry a Christian?

Yes. This is attained when both are baptized and are able to undertake sacraments. But Catholics are prohibited from marrying non-Christians.

Can you be Christian and Catholic at the Same Time?

Yes. All Roman Catholics are Christians but not all Christians are catholic.  Hence, you cannot be a protestant and catholic at the same time.

Do Catholics Believe in God?

Yes. Catholics believe that Jesus is God incarnate. He defeated death and rose to life again.

Can a Catholic Marry a Divorced Person?

Non-Catholics need an annulment before validly marrying a Catholic in the church. But divorced Catholics are not allowed to remarry until their earlier marriage has been nullified.


Christianity is the oldest religion in the world. Besides that, it has the highest number of people when compared to other religions. The main difference between catholic and Christian is that catholic is a branch of Christianity whereas Christian is a form of religion.

Examples of Christianity are protestant, catholic, Lutheran, Anglican, Orthodox, and Mormon among many others. Types of religion are Christianity, Islamic, Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism. You cannot be a member of all the religious groups.

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