What Is The Difference Between Anglican and Catholic?

What is the difference between the Anglican and Catholic churches? The main difference between catholic and Anglican is that the former comes from a Greek that refers to universal while the latter is a church of England.

Both Anglicans and Catholics are Christians. These churches were founded by Jesus Christ in Judea some 200 years ago. But differences are ideologies is the reason the two form of Christianity.

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Difference Between Anglican and Catholic

Difference Between Anglican and Catholic (With Table)

Basic Terms Anglican Catholic
Meaning Refers to the church of England and other related branches around the world It is a Greek word that means Universal
Origin The anglican church was founded by Henry VIII in England during Reformation It originates immediately the death of Jesus Christ. The apostle of Jesus are the founders of the church
Leadership Have no central hierarchy leadership Have full entrenched hierarchy leadership
Beliefs and Practices Priests are allowed to marry Priests are required to vow celibacy
Who came before Emerged from Catholic Church after Henry VIII broke off and form his own sect First Christianity church to be formed in the world

What Is an Anglican Church?

Anglican is also known as the Church of England. The church was founded by Henry VIII after he broke off from Catholic church and form his sect.

Anglican priests are allowed to marry and the church does not have a centrally hierarchical leadership. The church branches have the freedom to have their policies.

The emergency of gays and lesbians issue has brought conflict between members of the clergy and conservation branches. These differences in ideologies are increasing the further splitting of the church.

What Is a Catholic Church?

The Catholic church was started by the apostle of Jesus. The term catholic refers to a Greek word meaning universal. The catholic is the earliest form of the Christian church.

The church came into existence after the death of Jesus Christ. Catholicism became an official religion of the Roman Empire.

The Catholic church has a form of fully entrenched hierarchical leadership. Pope is at the peak and followed by Cardinals, archbishops, bishops, and parish priests.

The priests are monks and nuns since they had celibacy vows. Communion is believed to be related to the miracle of transubstantiation.

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Main Differences between Catholic and Anglican Church

  1. Catholics have hierarchy leadership whereas Anglicans lack
  2. Anglican priests are allowed to marry whereas catholic priests had a celibacy vow
  3. The Anglican church originated in England whereas Catholic in Rome
  4. Catholic is the earliest Christian church while Anglican church broke off from catholic
  5. Anglican founded by Henry VIII while Catholic by Paul the apostle of Jesus
  6. The Anglican bible has 66 books while the catholic bible has 73 books
  7. The Catholic church has more followers while the Anglican church has few followers

Similarities between Anglican and Catholic

  1. Both are Christian churches
  2. Both have similar mass
  3. Both follow the footprints of Jesus Christ
  4. Both rely on the bible for inspiration
  5. Both experience ideological differences especially gays and lesbianism

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In Conclusion

Anglican is the church of England and the sect has branches all over the world. Each branch is entitled to come up with its policies and rules.

Catholic is the earliest Christian church and it was founded by Apostle Paul after the death of Jesus Christ. It was declared as the main religion in Rome during the Roman empire.

The core difference between Anglican and catholic is that Anglican priests can marry while catholic priests have vow celibacy.

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