20 Huge Difference between Democrats and Republicans In Tabular Form

What is the core difference between democrats and republicans?

Democrats and Republicans are the two main political parties in the United States of America. The parties tend to hold major seats in the seat and house of representatives after every election.

The main difference between republicans and democrats is that republicans are conservatives and right-leaning whereas democrats are liberal and left-leaning.

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Difference between Democrats and Republicans

Comparison Table between Democrats and Republicans

Basic Terms Democrats Republicans
History It originated from anti-federalism sentiments It originated from anti-slavery activists and agents of modernity
Philosophy Left-leaning and liberal Conservative and right-leaning
Geography Dominate politics in the Pacific Coast, Northeast, and Great Lakes region Dominate south and west regions
Demographics Associated with young voters Older voters are an affiliate of the party
Party Symbol Donkey Elephant
Economic Ideas Minimum wages and progressive taxation Wages should be controlled by free market and taxes should not be increased
Human and Social Ideas Based on community and social responsibility Based on individual rights and justice
Military Budget Ideas Decrease spending on military equipment Increase spending on military apparatus
Abortion Ideas The constitution should be amended to encourage safe and legal abortion The constitution should be amended to make abortion illegal
Same-Sex Marriage Applaud same-sex marriage Condemn same-sex marriage
Immigration Ideas Call for fixing the broken immigration system Call on building the wall on the Mexican border to discourage illegal immigration
Climate Change Accept climate change research pose real and urgent threats to the economy, national security and children health Reject findings by the United Nations on climate changes
Medicare Program Propose lowering the medicare eligibility age from 65 to 60 Supports imposing work requirements and other limitations on Medicaid eligibility
Money in Politics Ease restrictions on corporate and union campaign spending Encourage secrecy and restriction on public corporation campaign spending
Colour of the Party Blue Red
Year of Establishment 1824 1854
Membership 44.7 million (as of 2017) 32.8 million (as of 2017)
Seats in the House of Representatives 235/435 200/435
Seats in the Senate 45/100 53/100
Presidential Candidates Joe Bidens Donald Jr. Trump

What Is the Democratic Party?

The Democratic Party is the oldest and it originated from the anti-federalisms in the US during the independence from Great Britain.

The donkey symbol of the party was introduced by Andrew Jackson during his campaign in 1828.

The majority of the democrats are young voters and they are regarded to be liberal-minded. To date, the party has about 15 democrat presidents since its independence.

What Is a Republican Party?

The Republican Party is the second oldest and it originated from anti-slavery ideologies and agents of modernity.

The first president to won with the party is Abraham Lincoln. The party was established in 1854 and the elephant is their symbol.

The majority of the republicans are older voters and they are regarded as conservative-minded. The party has about 19 republican presidents since independence.

Main Difference between Democrats and Republicans in Point Form

  1. Democratic Party was founded in 1828 while the Republican Party in 1854
  2. The Democratic Party has about 15 presidents while the Republican Party has about 19 presidents since independence
  3. Republican Party voters are older generation while Democratic Party voters are the younger generation
  4. The voters of Republicans are conservatives while democrats are liberal
  5. The main color of republicans is red while that of democrats is blue
  6. The party symbol of democrats is a donkey whereas that of republicans is an elephant
  7. The Democrats’ party was founded on the basis of anti-federalism whereas republican party on the basis of anti-slavery and agent of modernity
  8. The Democrats’ party has a larger membership subscription whereas republican has a lower membership subscription
  9. Democrats applaud same-sex marriage whereas republicans condemn same-sex marriage
  10. Democrats want the elderly medical program to be allowed while republicans reject suggestions of elderly medical care program

Similarities between Democrats and Republicans

  1. Both parties want the USA to be a superpower
  2. Both parties want peaceful coexistence across the globe
  3. Both want the USA to have good relationships with other countries
  4. Both want to see the country and people prosper
  5. Both are main political parties in the US

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The core difference between democrats and republicans is that democrats are liberal while Republicans are conservative. However, these parties want the USA to be the superpower and enhance the prosperity of their people.

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