What Is The Difference between Panther and Jaguar?

What is the main difference between panther and jaguar? The former is a general term used to describe the three different types of wild cats while the latter is a panther with black spots on the body.

Panther and jaguars are the most famous predatory wild cats in the world. These two big wild cats have an incredible symbol in the old native American culture.

These big wild cats are beautiful and powerful beasts in the jungle. The close structural features tend to confuse many people. But some people usually make distinctions based on colors.

Keep in mind that all these statements of differentiating a panther and jaguar based on coat colors are not true. Panther is the genus name for big cats.

This article provides further insight into the differences between panthers and jaguars in a tabular form for deeper understanding. Take the time to read through it and know their differences.

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Difference Between Panther and Jaguar With Table

Basic Terms Panther Jaguar
Description It is a genus name for the Felidae family. It is a species of the Felidae family.
Native Habitat America, Asia, and Africa. South America and some parts of Central America.
Maximum Weight Weigh up to 330kgs. Weigh up to 100kgs.
Color Patterns Range from dark brown to black colors. Range from tan yellow to reddish-brown colors.
Life Expectancy 12 to 17 years. 12 to 15 years.
Roar Not all panthers roar. The most roaring big wild cat.
Length 7-8 feet tall. 5-6 feet tall.
Behavior Very intelligent and agile. Aggressive and mark territories.
Nocturnal Yes. Spend most of the daytime resting high in the trees. No. can be seen by people during the daytime.
Swimming Not all panthers are good swimmers. Excellent swimmers to prey for food like fish, turtles, etc.

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What Is a Panther?

It is a general term used to describe the big wild cats with black pigmentation such as leopard, cougar, jaguar, cheetah, tigers, and more.

The term is also described as a black panther. These big wild cats are found in America, Asia, and Africa. Keep in mind that panthers are beautiful and more powerful.

The geographical origin and adaptive features happen to be the reason behind their power. Panthers are regarded as endangered species due to the declining number of leopards and jaguars.

The body colors of the panther range from dark brown to black. But there is one with the white body in North America. Panthers have incredible features that make them stand out from other cats.

Panthers are very intelligent and agile animals. They are nocturnal and spend most of the daytime hiding high in the trees. The physical appearance enables them to camouflage their habitat.

The cubs are usually blind when they are born. It takes two to three weeks for the cubs to open the eyes. But it is the period where the female counterparts take charge of protecting their young ones.

Male panthers are territorial in nature and are usually threaten by other males. Keep in mind that female panthers leave their young ones after attaining two years.

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What Is a Jaguar?

It is a species of the big cat family found in America. It is the third biggest feline in the Panthera genus of the old native America.

The feline has similar physical appearance leopards found in Africa and Asia. But the jaguar has centered spots that are more complex.

Jaguars are more powerful and agile than other panthers. The feline leads a solitary and nocturnal lifestyle. They are considered gods in ancient South American Cultures.

It is evident in their natural habitat in Central Argentina and South-Western regions of the United States of America.

But the industrial revolution and urbanization have made jaguars to lost most of their territories. Research shows that jaguars currently occupy the tropical rainforest of the Amazon Basin.

Another incredible feature is that jaguars can swim to prey on fish, turtles, and caimans. Besides that, they also prey on deer, capybaras, peccaries, tapirs, and more.

Jaguars are territorial like their counterparts in the Panthera genus and females give birth to blind cubs that take two weeks to open eyes. Cubs separate from their mother after two to three years.

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Main Difference between Panther and Jaguar

  1. Panther is a genus name. Jaguar is a species of the big cat family.
  2. Jaguars are native to Central and South America. Panthers are native to America, Africa, and Asia.
  3. Panthers vary in weight and can measure up to 330kgs. Jaguars weigh up to 100kgs.
  4. Panthers have different colors and physical appearances. Jaguars have yellow to reddish-brown colors with black spots.
  5. Panthers have a lifespan of about 12-17 years. Jaguars have a lifespan of about 12-15years.

Similarities between Panther and Jaguar

  1. Both are beautiful and more powerful.
  2. Both are very intelligent and agile animals.
  3. Both belong to the big wild cat family.
  4. Both give birth to blind cubs.
  5. Both are solitary and nocturnal creatures.

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In Conclusion

Both panther and jaguar belong to the big wild cat family. The main difference between jaguar and panther is that jaguar is a species of big cat family and panther is not a separate species.

Panther is a genus name and it comprises all big cats. Examples of the big cat families that belong to the Panthera genus are leopard, tiger, cougar, mountain lion, cheetah, and more.

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