What Is The Difference Between Methodist and Baptist?

What is the main difference between Methodist and Baptist? The former has the belief of baptizing all whereas the latter has the belief of baptizing the confessing adults.

Christian faiths have the largest population in the world. Other religions like Islam, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Judaism, Sikhism are also growing gradually.

Most religions have different doctrines and views regarding the supreme being. Keep in mind that there is no religion that is superior to others.

Christian faiths have several denominations which have close similarities. Some of the popular Christian faiths are Methodist, Catholic, Baptists, Lutherans, Presbyterians, and more.

This article provides further differences between Methodists and Baptists in a tabular form for deeper understanding. Take the time also to read more on the similarities between Methodist and Baptists.

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12 Difference Between Methodist and Baptist (With Table)

Difference Between Methodist and Baptist With Table

Basic Terms Methodist Baptist
Baptism Belief Baptizing all. Baptizing confessing adults only.
Infant Baptism Perform baptism to children. No baptism to infants.
Baptism Ritual Practice Immersion, sprinkling, and pouring. Immersion only.
Governance Bishops appoint pastors.

The congregation is linked to one another.

Pastors are appointed by churches.

There is self-governance.

Faith and Belief System More liberal and fewer Fundamentals. More strict fundamentalists.
Sabbath Worship and service on Sundays. A group of seventh-day Baptist worship on Saturday.
Ordination of Pastors Women are also ordained to be pastors. Men are mostly ordained to be pastors and teachers of the gospel.
Doctrine Salvation is a personal choice Salvation is based on the level of perseverance.
Fundamentalism Freedom to express faith in tradition and personal experience. Tend to be stricter and follow the bible for guidance.
Congressional Independence Have Episcopal Hierarchy of governance. Have congressional independence.
Communion Communion is open to all. Communion open to baptized church members.
Hymnody Rich musical tradition Long history and rich heritage of congregational songs

Who Is a Methodist?

A Methodist is one of the denominations of Protestantism. The denomination was founded by Charles Wesley, John Wesley, and George Whitefield.

Methodism came into existence around 18th C AD. The death of John Wesley is the reason behind the separation of the Methodist church.

Methodist’s faith is more or less similar to other Christian faiths. Some doctrines usually differ from other denominations of Christianity.

The Methodists believe in God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible. The Christian faith considers Jesus Christ as the savior of Mankind.

Methodists have their church doctrines and members are allowed to be liberal. The baptism is usually open to all regardless of their age.

Baptism of Methodists is performed through immersion, sprinkling, and pouring of water. Every person is entitled to holy communion.

The denomination has structured governance. The Episcopal organization has Bishops. The bishops have been given authority to appoint pastors after discussion with the congregation.

Congregations are linked to one another and pastors are not restricted to a specific gender. The pastor can either be a man or a woman.

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Who Is a Baptist?

Baptist is yet another denomination of Protestantism. The denomination was established in the early 1600s with a belief system in place.

The great awakening of the first and second happen to be the reason behind the rapid growth of Baptists in the 18th C. The emergence spearheaded the spread of the gospel across the world.

The belief system of Baptists is quite intact. They believe in God, Jesus Christ, and the bible. But Baptists have a unique doctrine and practice from Christian faiths.

Baptism and communion are crucial beliefs. Baptism is done by immersion in water and only on adults who have confessed their sins.

The baptism ritual of the Baptist is quite different from other denominations. They have a strict faith and fundamental belief. But the governance tends to be independent.

The local church is responsible for appointing pastors and the pastor is strictly male. Churches are quite independent and not linked to others.

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Main Difference between Methodist and Baptist

  1. Baptists perform baptism to confessed adults. Methodists perform baptism to all regardless of their age.
  2. Methodists perform baptism by immersion, sprinkling, and pouring water. Baptists perform baptism by immersion only.
  3. Pastors of Baptist are strictly male. Methodist pastors can be a woman or a man.
  4. Methodist churches are linked to one another. Baptist churches are not linked.
  5. Methodists are liberal and fewer fundamentalists. Baptists are strict fundamentals.

Similarities between Methodist and Baptist

  1. Both are protestants.
  2. Both have Christian faiths.
  3. Both believe in God, Jesus Christ, and Bible.
  4. Both practice baptism and holy communion.
  5. Both appoint pastors from respective churches.

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In Conclusion

Christianity is the leading religion in the world. But the first and second awakening is responsible for the split of Christianity into many denominations.

Keep in mind that all the Christian denominations believe in God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible. The belief indicates that Jesus Christ is the savior of Humanity.

Above all, no religion is superior to others. The best practice is to respect other people’s choice and their beliefs. It is the best way to make the world a better place.

The core difference between Baptist and Methodist is that Baptists believe in the baptism of immersion to adults who have confessed their sins while Methodists believe baptism is for all regardless of their age.

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