5 Difference between McAfee LiveSafe and Total Protection (With Table)

Computer malwares are giving people sleepless nights. Many people are looking for ways on how to protect their computers from internet malwares.

Internet malware usually reduces the performance of laptops, tablets, and smartphones. But the installation of either McAfee or total protection applications will help to inhibit the malware invasion.

McAfee is among the leading brands when it comes to computer security businesses. It provides comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for consumers and organizations.

So, what is the main difference between McAfee LiveSafe and total protection is that the former provides a secured cloud storage biometric system for personal documents, files, and data while the latter provides protection to files with 128-bit encryption and a password-protected vault.

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This article provides further differences between McAfee Livesafe and total protection in a tabular form. Take the time also to read the similarities between McAfee LiveSafe and total protection in the article.

Comparison Table (McAfee LiveSafe vs Total Protection)

Basic Terms McAfee LiveSafe Total Protection
Protection Halt malware before download, label dangerous sites, block phishing, top cookies, and internet tracker Block malware, safe browsing, password manager, parental controls, unique cryptocurrency monitor, a firewall and vulnerability scanner
Cloud Storage Offer secured cloud storage of your personal documents, files, and data in a biometric system with 1 GB space. Provide protections of files with 128-bit encryption and password-protected vault.
Unique Selling Points Provide ultimate protection to your personal identity and information via a secured cloud storage Provides antivirus, management of web and password for multiple devices along with parental control to keep data safe
Cost Affordable Expensive
Application Suitable for individual looking for a cost-friendly tool to protect their personal computer Ideal for people looking to protect their computers with windows 10 from malware

What Is a McAfee LiveSafe?

It is a complete security suite of antivirus and anti-malware protection that guarantees features for the next generation of the scanning engine.

It offers 1GB of secure cloud storage that allows an individual to store documents, files, and data in the cloud. The information will be inaccessible to unauthorized persons.

The complete security is ideal for personal computers, Android, iOS devices, Mac PCs from virus and spyware protection.

The unique selling points of McAfee LiveSafe have secured cloud storage, File Lock Encryption, Performance Optimization, Encrypted Storage, Password Manager, Free Customer Support, Parental Control, etc.

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What Is Total Protection?

It is a premium antivirus from McAfee Total Protection that offers almost everything that LiveSafe cannot provide to your gadgets.

Total protection enhances the maximum safety of your sensitive documents and files by encrypting them in 128-bit encryption. The documents and files are saved in a password-protected vault.

The award-winning antivirus safeguards your system from the various viruses and Trojans without compromising the performance of your computer.

The unique selling point of total protection is cryptocurrency monitoring and safeguarding gadgets against online threats.

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Main Difference between McAfee LiveSafe and Total Protection

  1. McAfee LiveSafe stops malware before download, label dangerous sites and block phishing whereas total protection blocks malware, safe browsing, and parental control.
  2. McAfee LiveSafe Secure sensitive documents, files, and data in cloud storage whereas total protection safeguards files in 128-encryption and password-protected vault.
  3. McAfee LiveSafe offers protection for personal identity and information in secured cloud storage whereas total protection provides antivirus security, management of the web, and securing passwords for multiple devices.
  4. McAfee LiveSafe is relatively affordable when compared to total protection.
  5. McAfee LiveSafe is suitable for people looking for pocket-friendly tools while total protection ideal for people looking for computer safety and windows 10.

Similarities between McAfee LiveSafe and Total Protection

  1. Both are the most popular and comprehensive suite from McAfee security
  2. Both offer protection against malware and trojans
  3. Both have similar features and guarantee a 30-day money-back

In Conclusion

Secured Cloud Storage is the notable distinguishing feature between McAfee LiveSafe and Total Protection. But these tools serve the same purpose in a computer.

The dynamics in the digital world increase the risk of sensitive files and documents from experiencing phishing. Going for either McAfee LiveSafe or a total protection tool is commendable.

We recommend McAfee LiveSafe and Total Protection for either small-scale or large-scale clients. These tools guarantee computer security and monitoring of cryptocurrency trading.

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