What Is The Difference Between Puritans and Quakers?

What is the difference between puritans and Quakers? The main difference between puritans and Quakers is that the former believed that followers need to be taught by the church ministers and follow baptism while the latter have their acceptable rules and do not believe in the sacrament.

Puritans and Quakers are religious groups that play a crucial role in fighting for religious freedom. These religious groups of faith faced persecution in England and they had to flee to American colonies.

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Difference Between Puritans and Quakers (With Table)


Difference Between Puritans and Quakers With Table

Basic Terms Puritans Quakers
Belief They are the only pure ones and everyone else is a sinner Believe in true blessing for all
Church Members are taught by church ministers and follow baptism Did not follow church ministers and sacrament routine
Role of Church Very rigid Have religious freedoms
Services Church service held in the church Had silent meeting places and also stop going to church to visit these silent meetings
Equality Believe that women are not equal to men and each gender had a role to play in church Believe that men and women are equal
Native Americans Discriminate and show superiority complex Open and welcoming to native Americans

Who Are Puritans?

It is a protestant church that was formed in 1630 with the aim of achieving religious freedom. Puritans are believed to have settled in Massachusetts Bay in Boston, England.

The fight for religious freedom come into existence after the arrival of the pilgrims in America. These are individuals who had the same mentality and goal as puritans.

The religion got detached from the Church of England and they believed that everyone in the world was a sinner. But these individuals believed in the following of scriptures of God to receive blessings.

The church also practiced baptisms and this was after receiving teachings from the church ministers. They also believed that each gender plays a specific role and discriminated against the native Americans.

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Who Are Quakers?

It is a faith group that came into existence in the year 1681 and it was started by William Penn who got permission from the English King.

The beliefs of the church happen to be the source of conflict with the church of England. It is something that brought about the separation.

The religious faith considers that everyone is equal and good. The church never encourages violence since they refuse to carry weapons to fight.

Quakers are also known as Friends. The religious faith believes that every problem can be solved in a peaceful manner. Quakers practice religious freedom for their members.

Members have the freedom to believe in what they want and talk to God in their own way. It is the reason behind the huge number of followers in Europe.

Quakers treat people with honesty and upholding women’s rights. The religion also fought for the freedom of Native Americans.

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Main Difference between Puritans and Quakers

  1. Puritans view humanity as being hopelessly sinful whereas Quakers believed that God dwells inside everyone.
  2. Puritans believe that most people are destined for eternal damnation and some chosen by God to salvation whereas Quakers believe in the inner light of a person.
  3. Puritans have strongly believed in holy communion and baptisms whereas Quakers believe that all acts are secretive and committed to God.
  4. Puritans have long church services where the minister has to explain sections of bible verses whereas Quakers held meetings instead of church service.
  5. Puritans have a rigid system where men vote for church leaders whereas Quakers have more freedom and upholding women’s rights.
  6. Puritans derive their church rules from the bible while Quakers use the bible as the book of reference and guidance
  7. Puritans believe that each gender plays different roles whereas Quakers believed that men and women are equal.
  8. Puritans discriminate against native Americans while Quakers fought for the rights of Native Americans.

Similarities between Puritans and Quakers

  1. Both are a religious group of faith
  2. Both originated from the Church of England
  3. Both believe in the existence of God
  4. Both Uses the bible in their sessions
  5. Both migrated to America after the arrival of pilgrims

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In Conclusion

Puritans and Quakers pave way for the emergence of protestant churches in America and the rise of the world. The religious groups had a common goal when breaking away from the Church of England.

Quakers are honest and peace-loving religion whereas puritans believe that everyone is a sinner and it is only God through salvation that can save them.

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