10 Differences between Norton and Quick Heal (With Table)

When I started my IT course two years ago, I didn’t know what type of antivirus to install on my laptop. Everything I looked at within a reasonable budget was labeled perfect for my windows laptop.

There were so many options that sounded similar. I had to do a lot of research with some costly trial and error before I found the best antivirus for my computer. Norton and quick heal antiviruses were the best choices.

So, what is the difference between Norton and quick heal antivirus? Norton is a web-based anti-virus application whereas quick heal is an anti-virus used for offline and desktop purposes. Therefore, the main difference between Norton and quick heal is their deployment.

Both Norton and Quick Heal are software applications installed in computers to offer protection against software viruses. These software applications are made by different companies to guarantee digital integrity. Continue reading to find out from information:

Difference between Norton and Quick Heal

Comparison Table (Norton vs Quick Heal)

Basic Terms Norton Quick Heal
Update Has both automatic updates and boot-time scan. Lack automatic update and boot-time scan.
Certification Lack AV comparatives certification. Has AV comparatives certification.
Recognition Has worldwide recognition. Less popular.
Unique Features Fully automated award-winning software. Has one-click scanning and personalized anti-virus scans.
User-Experience Do not offer free returns. Provide free and exchange returns.
Payment Option Do not support both debit and credit payments. Offer both debit and credit payments.
Customer Support Provide phone, email, live chat, and tickets. Provide email support only.
Plans and Pricing Come in three packages:


Norton Security Deluxe

Norton Security Premium

Come in one package:

Quick Heal Internet Security

Deployment Platforms Suitable on Windows and Macintosh desktop platforms.

Available for Android mobile platforms.

Do not disclose deployment platforms.
Origin United States of America India

What Is Norton?

Norton is one of the earliest computer security software applications. The computer security software was established in 1991 by Norton Life Lock Family.

The anti-virus is internationally recognized. It is ideal for securing digital devices from malware and internet viruses. It was originally designed for Windows operating systems.

The security software application has a signature and heuristics system of technology. These systems help in the identification of the type of malware.

Each malware and virus tend to have unique features. But heuristics system helps to identify the mutation of virus from one form to another.

The Norton software can be installed in Linux, Windows, and Mac Operating System. The update of the anti-virus is released every year. Here is the best Norton Antivirus deal on Amazon.

What Is Quick Heal?

Quick Heal is a digital security application for digital devices. Quick Heal Technologies is a company behind the development of this software security application.

The company is located in India and it started as a computer service agency. Most clients for Quick Heal are all over India only.

The security software has Quick Heal blocks and identifies for detecting malware in real-time. It also has a simple signature system for identifying the mutation of the virus.

The company is working around the clock to attract international customers. It has a user-friendly payment system and an intuitive website.

Cybersecurity software is using both machine learning and cloud-based technologies to understand the malware and get rid of them. Here is the best Quick Heal deal from Amazon.

Main Differences between Norton and Quick Heal

  1. Norton offers automatic update and boot-time scan features. Quick Heal has not yet developed this feature.
  2. Norton is fully automatic whereas Quick heal has customized scans and one-click scans.
  3. Norton is an internationally recognized brand. Quick Heal is only popular in India.
  4. Norton has a strict payment system with no returns and exchanges. Quick Heal has quick and simple payments with return schemes.
  5. Quick Heal accept credit and debit payment whereas Norton does not accept any of these payment options.

Similarities between Norton and Quick Heal

  1. Both operate under the cybersecurity category.
  2. Both have been in the industry for over 25 years.
  3. Both use artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.

In Conclusion

The main difference between Norton and Quick Heal is that the former is an international brand consume across the globe while the latter is an Indian product consume within the country.

But these cybersecurity solutions are ideal for protecting digital devices from malware and viruses. They use machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect the various forms of the virus strands.

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