6 Difference Between Google Fi and Xfinity Mobile (With Table)

The dynamics in technology result in the development of various products and services. These tangible and intangible developments help in the transformation of the world.

Machine learning, artificial intelligence, and smartphones have been the talk since the year 2010. These things are widely accessible to everyone and have become essential.

Advancement in technology endeavors to improve the living standards of people. The invention of mobile phones and other digital gadgets spearhead advancement in the telecommunication industry.

The United States is among the countries that embrace technological changes. Google Fi and Xfinity mobile are the internet providers in the country. They play a crucial role in technological changes.

So, what is the main difference between Google Fi and Xfinity mobile? Google Fi is a telecommunication service offered by Google Company whereas Xfinity mobile is a wireless carrier brand that gives customers the option to choose their plan.

These internet provider services have some other differences and close similarities. But they play a crucial role in spearheading innovation in various industries. Continue reading to find out more:

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Difference Between Google Fi and Xfinity Mobile
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Comparison Table (Google Fi vs Xfinity Mobile)

Basic Terms Google Fi Xfinity Mobile
Date Launched 2016. 2017.
Service Provider Google. Dave Watson, Dana Strong, and Mathew Strauss.
Eligibility Everyone can use it. Only Xfinity subscribers.
Payment Criteria Paid on the first day of the month for the usage. Can pay once or pay instantly and use it.
Network Provider T-mobile and Sprint. Verizon and LTE.
Services Mobile data, phone calls, and SMS. Unlimited data or amount paid for it.

What Is Google Fi?

It is a telecommunication service offered by Google. It was also known as Project Fi. Some of the services provided by Google Fi are SMS, telephone calls, cellular networks, Wi-Fi, and broadband.

The service provider was established on April 22, 2015, and opened to the public in 2016. It has over 200 roaming international destination services in the United States of America.

Google Fi has the tendency of switching automatically between networks depending on the signal speed and strength. Google Fi can connect to hotspots and Wi-Fi through automatic VPN encryption.

Users can also make phone calls between cellular and Wi-Fi internet. The rates for unlimited calls and SMS are $20 per month while the data is $10 per GB.

Keep in mind that the unused amount is credited to the user’s account. The client has an option of choosing a group plan that costs $15 per month.

What Is Xfinity Mobile?

Xfinity mobile is a post-pay telecommunication service. It is only available to Xfinity internet subscribers. You should also note that the service is only available in the United States of America.

The company was launched in April 2017 by Dave Watson, Dana Strong, and Mathew Strauss. Xfinity Mobile is a wireless carrier brand that offers two wireless plan options.

These wireless plans are pay-as-you-go and unlimited data plan. iPhone users are allowed to bring their gadgets for internet usage.

The Verizon Wireless network supports the company. It is the reason behind the high-speed signal and strength. The service provider also offers 5G in some locations.

Main Differences between Google Fi and Xfinity Mobile

  1. Google Fi is available to everyone after signing up. Xfinity Mobile is available only to Xfinity internet customers.
  2. Google Fi offers a single plan option. Xfinity Mobile offers two plan options.
  3. Google Fi was launched by Google Company. Xfinity Mobile was launched by Dave Watson, Dana Strong, and Mathew Strauss.
  4. Xfinity Mobile is a mobile data provider whereas Google Fi provides phone calls, SMS, and mobile data.
  5. Google Fi is supported by T-mobile and sprint. Xfinity Mobile is supported by Verizon and LTE.

Similarities between Google Fi and Xfinity Mobile

  1. Both are based in the United States.
  2. Both are internet providers.

In Conclusion

Both Google Fi and Xfinity Mobile are mobile data providers. These telecommunication service providers are available in the United States.

Choosing the best service provider will depend on the location, requirements, and type of the device. Many people have benefited from using these service providers by reducing their monthly bills.

The main difference between Google Fi and Xfinity Mobile is based on the individuals behind their discovery. Both companies are working around the clock to expand their dimension.

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