10 Difference between 883 Sportster and 1200 Sportster (With Table)

I started getting involved in outdoor activities ten years ago. I didn’t know which type of motorbike would suit my passion. Every motorbike I came across was written ideal for forest and mountain exploration.

My love for Harley-Davidson motorbikes was undeniable. But the company is a huge brand with several models of bikes. Choosing between these models is usually a daunting experience. I decided to spend a little to find out the difference between some of the popular models.

So, what is the main difference between 883 Sportster and 1200 Sportster? 883 Sportster bike has wheels with spokes whereas 1200 Sportster bike has alloy wheels. Spoke wheels are ideal for off-road activities and alloy wheels are suitable for on-road activities.

But both 883 and 1200 Sportster bikes are models of Harly-Davidson Company. The company is located in the United States and was established in 1903. It one of the motor companies that managed to survive the great depression.


Comparison Table (883 Sportster vs 1200 Sportster)

Basic Terms 883 Sportster 1200 Sportster
Wheel Description Spoke Alloy
Function Ideal for off-road activities and bumpy rides. Ideal for on-road activities and smooth rides.
Engine Carrying Capacity 883cc 1200cc
Upgrade Can be upgraded. Cannot be upgraded
Displacement Less displacement Greater displacement
Bore Smaller bore Larger bore
Engine weight Lightweight Slightly heavier
Ground Clearance 140mm 105mm
Power Less powerful More powerful
Countershaft Sprocket 27 teeth 28 teeth

What Is 883 Sportster?

It is a bike model of Harley Davidson. The bike series is popular in India due to the collaboration between Hero Motor corp and Harley Company. 883 Sportster bikes are also known as iron 883.

Harley manufacturer gave the bike series the iron 883 names without dissociating it with Sportster name tag. It is one of the most high-end motorcycles in the market today.

But the bike model is considered to be the cheapest in the United States. Most riders in developing countries like India tend to find it too expensive.

The motorbike is sold as a cruiser and it has a total weight of about 250kgs. It comes with an engine carrying a capacity of 883cc and six gears.

The maximum torque for this model series is 3500 rpm. The front suspension is made from telescopic forks of about 39mm. The rear suspension is coiled over and preloads dual adjustable.

Another crucial thing to note is the wheel spokes and disc brakes. The ground clearance is about 140mm and fuel capacity of 12.5 liters.

The motorbike series is ideal for both off-road and on-road activities. Thanks to the spoke wheels that allow riders to cruise the city streets and mountainous terrain.

What Is 1200 Sportster?

It is another popular motorbike series from Harley Davidson. The collaboration of Harley company and Hero Motorcorp has seen the distribution of the bike model in the Indian market.

The bike model is also known as a 1200 custom Sportster. It is a high-end motorbike from Harley Company based in the United States.

1200 sportster bikes are super expensive for average Americans. It is one of the reasons why many riders prefer the iron 883 Sportster since they can upgrade.

The 1200 Sportster is sold as a cruiser and weighs about 268kgs. The engine carrying capacity is about 1202cc. The engine displacement is responsible for the lion’s roar while riding.

The motorbike series has a maximum torque of 4250 rpm with six gears. The front suspension is made from forks and it measures 39mm. The rear suspension is mono-shock.

The 1200 Sportster bike has alloy wheels with disc brakes. The fuel capacity is about 17 liters and low ground clearance of 105mm.

The bike series is ideal for on-road activities and long-distance coverage. The low ground clearance makes the bike model ideal for cruising around the city streets.

Main Differences between 883 and 1200 Sportster in Point Form

  1. Iron 883 has a higher ground clearance whereas custom 1200 has a lower ground clearance.
  2. The 883 sportster weighs 250kgs while the 1200 sportster weighs 268kgs.
  3. The 1200 Sportster has a higher torque whereas the iron 883 has slightly lower torque.
  4. The 883 Sportster has a fuel capacity of 12.5 liters whereas the custom 1200 has 17 liters.
  5. The custom 1200 Sportster is ideal for on-road activities whereas iron 883 is suitable for off-road activities.

Similarities between 883 Sportster and 1200 Sportster

  1. Both have disc brakes.
  2. Both are manufactured by Harley Company.
  3. Both were launched in the United States.
  4. Both bikes are ideal for mountaineers and explorers.

In Conclusion

Both bike series belong to Harley Davidson Company. These motorbikes have similar features that make it difficult to differentiate. The main difference between the iron 883 Sportster and custom 1200 sportster is that the former is heavier and the latter is lighter.

Both these bike models are cruisers and not ideal for racing. These bikes have slow speed making it ideal for cruising in the city. You class experience while cruising the mountains and city streets make them enjoyable.

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