Biden vs Trump Policies: 15 Unbiased Differences and Similarities

What is the difference between Joe Biden and Donald Trump policies?

Policies are a deliberate system of principles that help to guide and achieve rational outcomes. These principles are adopted by a governance body within an organization or country.

Donald Trump is the current president of the United States of America and he got the seat through the Republican Party. Joe Biden is the current Democrat challenger to Trump.

The main difference between Joe Biden and Donald Trump’s policies is that Joe Biden believes that the government has a collective force to combat coronavirus and rebuild the economy whereas Donald Trump believes that tax reductions and regulatory cuts are key economic cures.

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Comparison Table (Biden vs Trump Policies)

Basic Terms Joe Biden Policies Donald Trump Policies
Re-Opening Economy Caution against reopening without ramping up testing Foster reopening of the economy even if the coronavirus infection skyrocketed
How to Put Economy Back to Track Propose spending trillions to create new jobs in manufacturing, clean energy, and caregiving Propose signing legislation to flush out trillion dollars into the economy in one-time aid to boost local government, individuals, and businesses
Taxes and Wages Support raising the national minimum wage and raise marginal tax rates to the highest income earners Propose tax cut to stimulate economic growth
Trade Discourage the current trade tariff war against China Want to boost domestic manufacturing
Green Investment More appetite to spend two million dollars over four years on green investment Has little appetite to spend on green investment
Race and Criminal Justice Promises diversity as seen in appointing the current running mate Has few black advisors
Health Care Has vowed to support the Affordable Care Act Has executed powers and use courts to undermine the Affordable Care Act
Low Drug Price Support bill to allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices Propose drug prices to be based on foreign countries
Medicare Expansion Propose lowering the Medicare eligibility age from 65 to 60 years Propose  imposing work requirements and other limitations on Medicaid eligibility
Immigration Support immigrants since they help to grow the economy and create jobs Curtailed immigration and travel into the United States
U.S- Mexico Border Discourage construction of the wall Encourage construction of the wall to stop immigrants
Family Separation Support the end the prosecution of parents for minor immigration violations Support the policy to prosecute illegal border crossings led to several thousand children being forcibly separated from parents and legal guardians
Travel Ban Propose to rescind the bans Signed an executive order banning entry to immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries
Climate Change Have climate change plan in his campaign Has no climate change plan in his campaign
Foreign Policy Plan to correct multilateral pressure to bear on China through renewed relations with U.S. allies. Propose the closure of China Houston consulate

What Are Joe Biden Policies?

Joe Biden is a democrat party presidential flag bearer. Kamala Harris was chosen to be the running mate during the democrat convection party.

Most of the Joe Biden policies are meant to tackle the biggest issues affecting the economy, health care, racism, foreign relations, and taxes among many others.

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What Are Donald Trump Policies?

Donald Trump is a Republican Party presidential flag bearer. He is in the race as an incumbent president.

Mike Pence is the current vice president of the United States and also the running mate of the president.

Most of the Donald Trump policies are meant to improve the living standards of American citizens by rolling out payroll tax cuts, reopening the economy by putting onetime stimulus, and boosting domestic manufacturing.

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Main Difference between Joe Biden and Donald Trump Policies

  1. Economy

Biden caution against reopening the economy without ramping up the testing. The aim is to combat coronavirus completely.

Trump pushes for the reopening of the economy immediately despite the rise in coronavirus infections in the country.

  1. Taxes and Wages

Biden proposes raising the marginal tax rate on the highest income earners. This will help to enhance equality among Americans.

Trump discourage the policy of raising taxes since the economy is struggling. Instead, he has signed an executive order to cut payroll taxes to boost paychecks.

  1. Race and Criminal Justice

Biden pledges to enhance diversity and inclusion in all the appointed opportunity regardless of the race.

Trump has few black American advisors in the cabinet, judicial appointments, and running. This does not reflect diversity and inclusion.

  1. Health Care System

Biden vowed to bolster the Affordable Care Act. Besides that, he does not support a single-payer system like Medicare for All.

Trump has used executive power and the court to undermine the Affordable Care Act. He has also not proposed comprehensive replacements.

  1. Immigration

Biden encourages the invasion of immigrants into the U.S.A to help grow the economy and create jobs. He encourages pausing the current deportation during the coronavirus period.

Trump curtailed illegal immigration and travel into the U.S.A amid the coronavirus pandemic. The aim is to prevent stretching the current health system and protect jobs for Americans.

  1. S – Mexico Border Wall

Biden plans to end the diversion of funds in the construction of the border wall. Instead, focus on border enforcement infrastructures.

Trump plans to complete the construction of the border wall by the end of his tenure. He has even ramped up efforts to seize land for the wall.

  1. Foreign Policy

Biden to correct the foreign policy by bringing multilateral pressure to bear on China through renewed relations with U.S. allies.

Trump has entered into a high stake war with china. He has even ordered the closure of the China Houston consulate amid accusations of spying.

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Similarities between Joe Biden and Donald Trump Policies

  1. Both want to improve the economy of the country
  2. Both want to improve the living standards of Americans
  3. Both want to boost domestic manufacturing
  4. Both want to trigger economic growth rate for all
  5. Both want to lower medical drug prices

Comparison Video (Biden vs Trump Policies)

Summary on the Biden vs Trump Policies Chart

The Joe Biden vs Trump policies underlined in the article is unbiased. The comparison chart outline the key areas that show the stand of these two presidential flag bearers.

The main difference between Joe Biden and Donald Trump’s policies is based on the health act, economy, diversity, and inclusion.

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