10 Remarkable Difference between Tablet and iPad

What is the difference between tablet and iPad?

The dynamics in technology has granted us with tech gadgets and devices. The most lovable and demandable gadgets in the market are tablets and iPads.

The main difference between tablet and iPad is that tablet is a portable personal computer with a mobile operating system, touchscreen display, keypad, and other components whereas the iPad is the brand name for Apple-based tablets.

These ultimate gadgets have some close similarities but still, there are some slight differences. The article provides a remarkable difference between tablet and iPad in tabular form.

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Difference between Tablet and iPad

What is a Tablet?

A tablet is a small, wireless and flat-screen gadget that performs the same function as a personal computer.

The front part has a touch screen interface while the back has a microphone port and camera among many other functions.

Besides that, it has a virtual keyboard for typing and digital pen through which an individual can write notes.

What is an iPad?

An iPad is a gadget which is a type of tablet and it is mainly manufactured by apple. The gadget runs on the iOS operating system.

It has a lot of lovable apps and this is the reason behind their popularity in the market.  The main weak point of iPads is that they are not suitable for multitasking.

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Comparison Chart: Tablet Vs iPad

Basic Terms Tablet iPad
Meaning It is a wireless flat screen gadget that performs the same way as a PC. It is a type of tablet that runs on the iOS operating system and manufactured by apple.
Operating System Android, Windows and many others the iOS operating system only
Flash Can easily be installed Comes with it
Apps Do not come with any app Has plenty of app storage space
Tasking Suitable for multitasking Does not perform multiple tasks
Design Has different marvellous design, shape and size Design is single
Number of Manufacturers Different companies A single company such as apple
Expansion of Storage Can be expanded through an external micro SD card Cannot be expanded
Examples of Products Google Nexus and Samsung Galaxy Apple
Cost Have different prices depending on the manufacturer Uniform price since they are only manufactured by apple

Main Difference between Tablet and iPad

  1. An iPad has several apps as compared to android tablet
  2. Android tablets are suitable for multitasking, unlike iPads.
  3. iPads come with already installed flash while tablets need to be installed
  4. Tablets run on a window or android operating system while iPads on the iOS operating system.
  5. Tablets are manufactured by different companies hence has several products while iPads are manufactured by apples hence a single product.

Relationship Between iPad and Tablet

  • iPad is a type of tablet.
  • iPad is the brand name for Apple’s line of tablets.

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Making an informed decision when it comes to purchasing either tablet or iPad can be a daunting experience.

Understanding the core difference between tablet and iPad will help to make an informed decision. I recommend tablet over the iPad due to the multitasking feature.

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