17 Difference between Sales and Marketing (With Table)

Many businesses have the desire to generate more revenue and grow. But stiff competition is making some companies struggle and shut down in the long run.

A company with an effective sales and marketing plan can withstand the market competition without closing the doors. The strategy guide leads to becoming loyal customers.

So, what is the main difference between sales and marketing? Sales refer to the process of selling products or services at a given price and time. Marketing is the process of creating awareness and informing customers about a certain product or service.

Sales and marketing are essential departments in an organization. Many people usually use the terms interchangeably, but they perform different functions.

This article provides comprehensive comparisons between sales and marketing in a tabular form. Take the time to read through to learn the difference between marketing and sales in points.

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Comparison Table (Sales Vs Marketing)

Basic Terms Sales Marketing
Description It is the process of selling products or services at a given price and time. It is the process of creating awareness and informing customers about a product or service.
Nature Product-oriented Customer-oriented
Approach Fragmented approach Integrated approach
Focus Company needs Market needs
Relation The flow of goods or services to customers Activities that facilitate the flow of goods or services to customers.
Time-taken Short term Long term
Aim To persuade prospects into buying a product or service. Identify customers’ needs and create a product or service that satisfies the market needs.
Type of Relationship One-to-one One-to-many
Target Individuals and small groups General public
Scope Product or service selling Advertisement, after-sales service, sales, research customer satisfaction.
Activity Customer-driven Media-driven
Strategy Push strategy Pull strategy
Process Flow Adequate consideration for the exchange of products. Customer satisfaction through identifying their needs.
Rule Caveat emptor Caveat vendor
Technique Special offers, discounts, and price promotion Integration of customers’ needs and organization to create an incredible relationship
Skills Selling and conversation Analytical
Goal Sales maximization to increase profit Profit maximization by increasing market share and customer satisfaction.

What Is Sales?

It refers to the process of convincing a prospect to buy the products or services from a company. The process is usually carried out by a sales executive with excellent interpersonal skills.

The vital sales strategies are one-on-one meetings, cold or warm calls, direct sales, networking, retail interaction, trade fairs, and abandon cart emails.

The purpose of sales is to convert a prospect into actual paying customers. The task needs someone with communication skills, confidence, and patience.

What Is Marketing?

It refers to the process of creating awareness and informing customers about the products or services of the company. Marketing executives are responsible for carrying out these duties.

Marketing begins by identifying the customers’ needs and creating products that will fulfill the market needs. The process identifies strategies that target the interest of the company’s audience.

Activities undertaken during marketing are product development, distribution method, sales, promotion, after-sales services, market research, and analysis.

The marketing approach should be integrated with the market to attract the attention of targeted customers. The promotion is done through several Media as an advert.

Main Difference between Sales and Marketing

  1. Marketing is the process of controlling business activities to bring buyers and sellers together. Sales refer to a transaction between two parties.
  2. Sales help to match the customers’ needs with products. Marketing identifies the needs of customers and creates a product that satisfies them.
  3. Sales aim to fulfill sales volume objective. Marketing promotes, distribute, and price products or services.
  4. Sales consider one-on-one meetings. Marketing considers one-on-many meetings.
  5. Sales are for the short term while marketing for the long term
  6. Sales have a pull strategy while marketing has a push strategy
  7. Sales is a human-driven activity while marketing is a media-driven activity
  8. Sales aim at profit maximization while marketing aim at increasing customer satisfaction and market share.
  9. Sales require excellent communication and persuading skills. Marketing requires analytical and foresightedness skills.
  10. Sales apply caveat emptor rule while marketing applies caveat vendor rule.

Similarities between Sales and Marketing

  1. Both increase revenue and profit
  2. Both create a good customer relationship
  3. Both improve the brand value of an organization

In Conclusion

The difference between sales and marketing depends on their functions. But the interlinks between sales and marketing can be confusing to some people.

Sales and marketing facilitate the growth and survival of the business for an extended period. It is one of the reasons why every organization tries to integrate sales and marketing.

Sales are human-driven activity, and it entails sales executives. These individuals need to be highly trained and motivated to carry out their duties.

Marketing is a media-driven activity. The activity is done through promotion and advertisement of products to improve the brand image. Marketing executives play a vital role in this area.

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