6 Difference between Sales and Marketing Executive (With Table)

Every organization has the desire to grow and survives in the market by earning higher profit margins. But this depends on the acquisition of customers and volume of sales made.

It is the responsibility of the top management team to come up with viable and realistic strategies that make the dream of the company true.

Sales and marketing executives happen to be the dream team. But these two persons are super different though people tend to use them interchangeably.

So, what is the main difference between sales and marketing executives? A sales executive is responsible for selling the company’s products or services. A marketing executive directs the overall marketing activities of a company.

The success of a company relies on sales and marketing executives. These individuals are responsible for facilitating sales and improving the company’s net worth in the long run.

This article provides a comprehensive difference between sales and marketing executives in a tabular form. Take the time to read through to learn the relationship between sales and marketing executives.

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Comparison Table (Sales Vs Marketing Executives)

Basic Terms Sales Executives Marketing Executives
Definition These are individuals that foster the selling of products or services of a company. These are individuals who direct the overall marketing activities of a company.
Significance Implement new strategies for increasing sales in the company. Create awareness of a new product in the market until it is sold.
Duties Launching new products

Demonstrate the use of a new product

Organize visits to clients

Review performance

Create a market for products

Introduce and promote products

Advertise new products through media

Qualities Patience




Communication skills

Interpersonal skills

Team spirit




Role Customer satisfaction


Organizing sales exhibition





Customer relations

Organizing events

Focus Increase sales of a company Create awareness of the brand in the market.

Who Is a Sales Executive?

A sales executive is a person who helps the company to improve its overall sales. These individuals are responsible for introducing and demonstrating products to the customers.

A sales executive also helps to maintain customer satisfaction and coordinate the entire sales procedure. These individuals are also known as a salesperson.

Who Is a Marketing Executive?

A marketing executive is a person responsible for marketing the company’s products and services. These individuals are versed with the products and help create awareness in the market.

Marketing executives usually help to build and improve the brand of the company. It is done by conducting numerous marketing activities to create a bond between products and customers.

Marketing is divided into positive marketing, negative marketing, and educational marketing. These are areas where marketing executives need to specialize before carrying out their duties.

Main Difference between Sales and Marketing Executive

  1. Sales marketing is responsible for sales performance. Marketing executives are responsible for selling the goods and services of a company.
  2. Sales executives must be mature, confident, and have excellent communication skills. Marketing executives must have interpersonal skills, team spirit, and foresightedness.
  3. Sales executives concentrate on improving the sales volume of a firm. Marketing executives focus on building the brand of a company.
  4. Sales executives conduct surveys, demonstrations, and organize sales exhibitions. Marketing executive plan, advertise source sponsorships, and organize events.
  5. Sales executives set goals and find the best way of achieving them. Marketing executive avails and promotes a new product in the market.

Similarities between Sales and Marketing Executive

  1. Both enhance business growth and survival
  2. Both improve the brand value of the firm
  3. Both need mature and confident persons

In Conclusion

Sales are human-driven activities. These activities can be undertaken by a salesperson in the office or by visiting the client’s premises.

The sales executive’s purpose is to meet the needs of different customers. It is a task that needs a well-motivated person to conduct the outreach.

Marketing is a media-driven activity. The marketing executives help to create awareness and inform the public about the company.

The core media for marketing are social media, newspaper, television, radio, conferences, seminars, and more. Some companies are considering search engine optimization (SEO).

A marketing executive needs to study and understand various market conditions. It will help to meet various customers’ requirements with ease.

The main difference between sales and marketing executives depends on their duties. Try to read more on their functions to avoid using the terms interchangeably.

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