10 Interesting Difference between Royal Blue and Navy Blue Color

What is the difference between royal blue and navy blue color?

Blue is the most popular and favorite color for so many people across the world. The color tends to remind people about the sky and ocean since both reflect blue color.

However, the emergency of cobalt blue, royal blue, and navy blue shades tend to confuse a lot of people.

The lesson provides detailed insight into the difference between royal blue and navy blue in tabular and point form. Take the time to read through the article.

Difference between Royal Blue and Navy Blue Color

Royal Blue Definition

Royal blue shade tends to be a rich blue color. The color indicates decisive factors such as trust, loyalty, and superiority.

The brightness and high-intensity helping to bring out the bright shade of royal blue color. The color is used to design clothes meant for the party and bridal crew during the wedding.

The good thing about color is that it provides a calming effect on the eyes according to color physiology.

Unfortunately, the color is not widely used across the world but tend to be common in trendy wear and fountain pen ink.

Navy Blue Definition

Navy blue color is the dark shade of blue color and it normally represents the navy nation. The color tends to symbolize confidence, unity, stability, and authority.

Sometimes the impression of the color might look like that of black color though the blue shade makes it distinguishable.

The color is quite common in pilot offices, naval officers’ uniforms, and other collard uniforms. It can also be used in house interior, office décor, and bedsheets.

The most wonderful thing is that the color is globally used by different authorities hence quite common when compared to royal blue.

Comparison Chart: Royal Blue vs Navy Blue

Basic Terms Royal Blue Color Navy Blue Color
Meaning Light and bright version of blue shade The dark and blackened shade of blue color
Association Royalty, trust, loyalty, and superiority Duty, confidence, unity, stability, and authority
Brightness High intensity Low intensity
Effect Calming Authoritative and commanding influence
Function Royal households and fashion attires for bridal crew Pilot offices, Naval Offices, household interior and collard uniforms.
Prevalence Not common Quite common in international naval authorities
Hexadecimal Code #4169E1 #000080
Earlier Name Queen’s blue shade Not available
Occasion of Use Fashionable attires Official uniforms
Popularity Uncommon Common

Core Difference Between Royal Blue and Navy Blue Color

  1. Navy blue is quite common than royal blue
  2. Royal blue shade indicates honesty, loyalty, and excellence while navy blue authority, firmness, and confidence.
  3. Navy blue has low bright intensity whereas royal blue has a high bright intensity
  4. Royal blue shade is typically used for designing fashionable attires while navy blue for official uniforms.
  5. Navy blue is associated with military authorities like naval forces whereas royal blue with Imperialist and Royal families.
  6. Navy blue shade is full of compliance and authority while the royal blue is full of tranquillity.
  7. Royal blue shade is ideal for royal interior household and navy blue for offices, household interiors, and furnishing.

Similarities Between Royal Blue and Navy Blue Color 

  • Both are hues of blue 
  • Both colors are attractive 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Royal Blue and Navy Blue the Same Color?

No. Royal blue is lighter while navy blue is quite dark. But both are shades of blue color 

  • Are Royal Blue and Cobalt Blue the Same Color?

No. Royal blue color is a lighter hue of blue while cobalt blue is the medium and bright hue of blue color. 

  • What Does Royal Blue Color Look Like?

Royal blue is purplish-blue color though darker and has a strong chroma. Electronics using the RGB color can display VERY strong colors in the purple-blue region.

  • What Shade of Blue is Royal Blue?

Royal blue is both a bright shade and a dark shade of azure blue.

  • Do Navy Blue and Royal Blue go Together?

Yes. The two colors can look great when paired together as an analogous color combination. The royal blue is a far more saturated version of blue, while navy blue is a darker shade.

  • Is Blue the Color of Royalty?

Absolutely. Blue is a color that has long been associated with royalty, art, military, business, and nature, making it a color with a lot of applications.

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The color spectrum in the shade of blue is quite confusing. The article on royal blue vs navy blue provides insightful information about these shades.

The core difference between royal blue and navy blue color is that royal blue shade is mostly associated with royal nature and navy blue with authoritative figures like naval forces.

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