10 Important Difference Between Pixie and Fairy with Pictures

What is the difference between pixie and fairy?

Pixies and fairies are mythical characters in animated, folklore, and comical films. The lovable characters are the reason behind the popularity of films among children.

The main difference between fairy and pixie is that the former is a character similar to human beings in outlook while the latter is smaller than humans in appearance.

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difference between pixie and fairy

Comparison Table (Pixie vs Fairy)

Basic Terms Pixie Fairy
Meaning Is a miniature mythical being in folklore with pointed ears and hats Is a human-like mythical being with magical powers
Size Small Comparatively larger
Characteristics Misleading people and dancing Ethereal beauty
Nature Mischievous in nature Promote goodness in the world
Clothes Poorly clothed and sometimes even naked Dressed phenomenon and look like princes
Location Hidden land on earth Do not live on our planet
Origin Late in the 18th century Early in the 16th century
Behavior Love stealing ponies and horses Love stealing household items
Gender Identification Quite difficult to tell the difference between male and female Easy to tell the difference between male and female
Magical Powers Have more magical powers for demonstrating kindness and intelligence Have powers of changing the aspect of nature

What Is a Pixie?

It is a miniature mythical being with pointed ears and hats in folklore. These characters are mischievous in nature and have the habit of stealing horses.

Pixies have magical powers but they do spend most of the time misleading people and stealing ponies and horses. Pixies are foolish in folklore but they do help the protagonist at some point.

Pixies are known for trapping fairies due to their beauty. It is also difficult to tell the difference between male and female pixies.

The supernatural beings are not similar to human beings and they are poorly dressed or even walk naked in some films. Pixies are quite common in Harry Potter and chamber of secrete film.

Everything You Need to Know about Pixies

  1. Belong to characters with a negative role in movies
  2. Have butterfly wings and colored skin
  3. Found in most Celtic folklores
  4. Live in gardens and are about four inches tall
  5. Have magical powers for bestowing wealth, kindness, and intelligence
  6. Often naked and poorly dressed
  7. Have misleading traits and love dancing

What Is a Fairy?

These are human-like mythical beings with magical powers and extreme beauty. These characters are bigger than pixies in films.

The human face imagery helps to depict the spread of goodness in the world. These mythical beings live in the greenery along with bugs.

Female fairies wear phenomenal clothes and end up looking like princesses. Fairies are extremely popular in the fairy tale genre.

Everything You Need to Know about Fairies

  1. Have positive characters for leading people in the right way
  2. Have large wings on their back
  3. Common in Celtic folklore
  4. Fairies are about six inches tall
  5. Have a human appearance
  6. Dwell underwater or hill
  7. Have ethereal beauty

Main Differences between Pixie and Fairy

  1. Pixies are smaller while fairies are bigger
  2. Fairies are taller whereas pixies are shorter
  3. Pixies are mischievous in nature whereas fairies promote goodness in the world
  4. Pixies have a character of misleading people and dancing whereas fairies are glorified for their ethereal beauty
  5. Pixies choose to live in gardens whereas fairies prefer to live in woods
  6. Pixies are in a constant fight with fairies
  7. Fairies have powers to change the curious aspect of nature while pixies have magical powers of bestowing wealth, kindness, and intelligence
  8. Pixies love stealing ponies and horses while fairies love stealing household items
  9. Pixies originated in the late 18th C while fairies in the early 16th C
  10. Pixies have colored skin with small wings while fairies look-like humans with large wings

Similarities between Pixie and Fairy

  1. Both common in Celtic Folklore
  2. Both are suitable for kids
  3. Both have wings
  4. Both have magical powers
  5. Both are fictitious characters

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tinkerbell a Pixie or a Fairy?

Tinkerbell is more of a fairy tale. It is full of earthly touches of humor and human frailties. The ethereal beauty is the reason behind the fairy celebration by kids.

Are Pixies Smaller than Fairies?

Absolutely. Pixies are about four inches tall and fairies are about six inches tall. It is one of the reasons why pixies are described to be smaller than fairies.

How Do Sprites and Fairies Differ?

Fairies are bigger and more powerful while sprites are smaller and less powerful. Sprites have close similarities with pixies in folklore.

What Does a Pixie Fairy Look like?

The mythical character looks like little people and are wingless. But these characters have pointed ears and pointed hats.

Many are pictured with red hair and or green rags. Modern narratives often depict pixies as wearing leaves and rags.

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In Conclusion

The main difference between fairies and pixies is that fairies are taller than pixies. Research shows that fairies are about six inches tall and pixies are about four inches tall.

But both these mythical beings are present in Celtic folklore. The behaviors of pixies and fairies help to provide vivid differences.

Meanwhile, the characters are great for entertaining kids. We hope the pixie vs fairy vs sprite information in the article was helpful.

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