15 Difference Between Newspaper and Magazine (With Table)

Communication is the means of conveying information from one person to another. Advancement in technology has brought a massive transformation in the communication industry.

Some of the popular means of communication are phones, the internet, magazines, and newspapers. These communication means have transformed the world into a small village.

So, what is the main difference between newspaper and magazine? A newspaper is a print media that contain short articles on current news while a magazine is a print media that contain longer articles on a variety of topics.

But both the newspaper and magazines serve the same purpose. They are known for providing information to the general public on topics such as news, fashions, events, and sports.

This article provides further differences between newspapers and magazines in a tabular form for a deeper understanding. Get to know the physical difference between newspapers and magazines.

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Comparison Table (Newspaper vs Magazine)

Basic Terms Newspaper Magazine
Meaning It is a regular printed media that contain fairly brief articles that provide updates on current news or events. It is a single booklet that contains longer articles that focus on topics of interest to a specific group.
Size Large size Small size
Content Current news about crime, sports, politics, business, and entertainment. It depends on the topic. Some may contain celebrity news, stories, politics, and adventures.
Time of Publication Daily, weekly and monthly Weekly or monthly basis
Price Affordable Expensive
Appearance Less colorful and glossy Vibrant and colorful
Article Direct to the point. Fun, creative, and easy to read.
Function Inform the general public of the current news. Source of entertainment and pleasure reading.
Origin 17th C 1663
Characteristics Catchy headlines Baseline concept
Audience Broad specific
Readability Fast Slow speed
Design Simple layout Complex design
Paper quality Poor-quality High-quality
Pictures Fewer pictures More pictures

What Is a Newspaper?

It is a regular publication that contains current news. Some parts of the newspaper contain educational and entertainment articles.

Newspapers are the primary sources of information since they are reliable, new, and authentic printed media. These newspapers are printed daily while some on a weekly or biweekly basis.

The layout of the newspaper is quite simple and the articles are fairly brief. It is split into sections such as news, content, and field.

Newspapers are printed by an agency and delivered to people through a subscription. The advancement in technology allows people to read newspapers from their smartphones.

What Is a Magazine?

It is a periodic publication that contains information regarding sports, fashions, entertainment, health, food, technology, and finance.

Magazines are published on a weekly or monthly basis. The materials used to design magazines are of high-quality and vibrant colors.

The pictures and content are based on the personal opinion of the writer. The language and presentation of the content are easier to read.

Magazines contain thought-provoking articles and sensuous pictures to attract the readers. Keep in mind that magazines are super expensive.

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Main Difference between Newspaper and Magazine

  1. Newspaper is cheap while the magazine is expensive.
  2. The newspaper has a simple layout while the magazine has a complex design.
  3. The magazine has more pictures while the newspaper more information.
  4. Magazine articles are longer while newspaper articles are fairly brief.
  5. Newspaper is less colorful and glossy while the magazine is vibrant and colorful.
  6. The magazine has high-quality papers while the newspaper has low-quality paper
  7. Newspaper is suitable for a general audience while magazine for a specific audience.
  8. Newspaper is large in size while the magazine is small in size.
  9. The newspaper has catchy headlines while the magazine has a baseline concept.
  10. Newspaper can be read faster while magazine can be read at slow speed.

Similarities between Newspaper and Magazine

  1. Most effective modes of communication
  2. Provide vital information to the public.
  3. Both are portable.
  4. Offer unique advertising capabilities.

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In Conclusion

Both newspapers and magazines are the oldest modes of communication. The main difference between magazine and newspaper is that the former provides specific information that may not appeal to everyone while the latter provide vital information based on current news and events.

It is crucial to stay updated with current news and trends in various industries. The information on both newspaper and magazine is simple to read. No complex language has been used in the articles.

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