15 Difference Between Journal and Magazine (With Table)

Many people want to stay updated with the current news, events, and developments. Some people get glued to the television, radio, newspapers, and social media to get current information.

Most of these sources of information are ideal for education and entertainment purposes. Journals and magazines are incredible sources of information today.

So, what is the main difference between journal and magazine? The former is a scholarly periodical aimed at researchers or specialists while the latter is a periodical aimed at the general public.

Journals provide reports on original research and experiments on a monthly schedule. These journal articles are written by scholars and they target researchers or specialists in a particular field.

Magazines are periodicals that provide information for entertainment purposes. The magazine articles talk about celebrity news, gossips, events, and more. It is meant for the general public only.

This article provides the further differences between magazines and journals in a tabular form. Take the time to read through it for detailed insights.

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Comparison Table (Journal vs Magazine)

Basic Terms Journal Magazine
Description It is a periodical that contains original research and experiment related to a particular field. It is a periodical with a collection of theme-based content in a single booklet for entertainment purposes.
Article Length Lengthy and descriptive. Brief.
Graphics Charts, statistics, tables, and graphs. Pictures and illustration.
Author Experts, researchers, and professionals. Freelancers or writers.
Signature of the Author Must be signed by the author No signature from the writer.
Citation of Sources Yes, with references. No citations.
Language Used Technical language. Non-technical language.
Content Topics Based on research and experiments. Based on current issues, news, events, gossips, and more.
Target Audience Scholarly audience. General Public.
Contain Advertisements Zero to few ads. Many ads.
Reviewed Peer review Reviewed by one or more editors.
Publishing Frequency Fortnight and monthly or quarterly. Weekly, monthly, fortnight
Publisher Professional bodies.

Academic institutions.

Association of people.

Commercial undertaking.
Appearance Dull and sober colors Vibrant and colorful
Examples Journals of education finance, Annals of Mathematics, History of education. Time, Sports Illustrated, National Geographic, Newsweek.

What Is a Journal?

It is a serious scholarly publication that covers topics from a specific area of science and education. The journal contains original and experimented information ideal for scholarly audiences only.

The journal articles are highly researched and lengthy with citations of sources and references. It usually begins with an abstract and ends with references.

Journals are made periodically throughout the year. The language used is more technical and the text is published by an academic institution.

The authors writing the journals have knowledge and academic qualification in that particular area of study. Authors are usually given credentials after publication.

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What Is a Magazine?

It is a form of periodical press publication that covers news, events, and more for entertainment purposes. The articles are written by freelancers or writers to target the general public audience.

Keep in mind that the information is authentic and well-researched. The information is collected from different sources and transformed into stories or reports.

Magazines are published weekly, monthly, and quarterly. The captivating images and colors make magazines attractive to readers.

Magazines are classified into general and special interest magazines. Each type of magazine targets a specific audience. The information is reviewed by editors and writers not given recognition.

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Main Difference between Journal and Magazine

  1. Journals have dull and sober colors. Magazines have vibrant and attractive colors.
  2. Journal contents are for scholarly purposes. Magazine contents are for entertainment.
  3. Journal target scholarly audience. Magazines target the general public.
  4. Magazines provide topic overviews. Journals are highly researched and lengthy.
  5. Magazines are released weekly or monthly. Journals are released monthly or quarterly.
  6. Journals contain complex language. Magazines contain non-technical language.
  7. Journal authors have qualifications and knowledge in the field. Magazine authors anyone can write.
  8. Journals provide a bibliography and references. Magazines do not provide references and sources.
  9. Journals contain few ads. Magazines contain a lot of ads.
  10. Journals are published by academic institutions. Magazines are published by commercial undertakings.

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In Conclusion

What is the difference between a magazine and a journal? A magazine attracts a large population since it is written in a simple and non-technical language. A journal only attracts a scholarly audience in that particular field of study.

Magazines are meant for entertainment and profit-making purpose. Journals are meant for research and experiment purposes. Magazines have exclusive advertisements while journals have few ads.

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