5 Difference Between Profession and Career (With Table)

Every individual works around the clock to earn a living. But the amount of income usually varies due to several factors.

There are certain professions that have an incredible pay package than others. It is the dream of every parent for their children to pursue a certain career though it depends on passion.

So, what is the main difference between profession and career? The former refers to an occupation that requires an individual to undertake thorough training from a reputable institution while the latter is an individual work-life.

This article provides further differences between profession and career in a tabular form. Take the time to read through it and avoid using the terms interchangeably.

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Comparison Table (Profession vs Career)

Basic Terms Profession Career
Description It is an occupation that requires an individual to apply learned skills and knowledge. It is the job life of an individual in terms of salary, growth, and development.
Occupation Profession is occupation Business, employment, or profession
Based on Rotates around educational background and training. Depends on the passion and ambitions of an individual.
Orientation Focus on the service offered to the customer in line by use of acquired skills and knowledge. It is about job growth and development over a certain period.
Code of Conduct There is a professional body responsible for setting rules and laws. No code of conduct involved.

What Is Profession?

It is an activity performed by an individual using the acquired knowledge and skills after undertaking certain training from a reputable institution.

Examples of professions are medical, engineering, and legal. These occupations require an individual to have comprehensive skills and knowledge in the area of specialization.

Keep in mind that professions are responsible for delivering services to the customers. The practiced skills are obtained from a reputable college, university, or vocational training.

There are certain professions that require extra training to be regarded as professionals like accounting. An individual needs a bachelor’s degree in accounting and certified public accounts certificate.

Practicing professions do not rely on salaries since customers are charge fees for the service offered. But the cost of undertaking the training is super expensive.

What Is a Career?

It refers to all activities undertaken by an individual through his or her work life. A career life usually ranges from education, job, training, work experience, and work profile.

Career tend to be different for people since it depends on individual ambition and passion. A determined person may experience growth and development in the career.

A career entails the jobs an individual has done, roles and responsibilities various positions. It is the reason behind the movement from one organization to another.

The term generally describes the satisfaction of a person in various jobs. People have unique ways to measure the success of their career goals.

Some people consider occupying the top position and high pay package as the success of their career. But others consider happiness and satisfaction as career success.

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Main Difference between Profession and Career

  1. Career refers to occupation while the profession is a particular field of occupation.
  2. The profession is service-oriented while the career is growth and development-oriented.
  3. A career has no code of conduct while the profession has a code of conduct.
  4. The profession is based on training and education while a career is more of ambition and passion.
  5. A career is an individual work-life while a profession is a paid occupation that requires training and formal qualification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nursing A Profession or Career?

Nursing is a profession within the health care sector focused on the care of individuals, families, and communities so they may attain, maintain, or recover optimal health and quality of life.

Is Nursing A Good Career?

Absolutely. Research shows that about 83% of nurses feel satisfied with their choice of nursing as a career. The Nursing Profession Boasts a High Level of Job Satisfaction.

What Are The 5 Professions?

They include accounting, nursing, baking, authors, and actors. Keep in mind that you need thorough training and education to qualify for these professions.

In Conclusion

A profession limits an individual to focus on a specific field. A career provides an opportunity where an individual opts to venture into areas where their passion and ambition lie.

According to a study, careers are growth and development-oriented while professions are service-oriented. The success of these occupations depends on an individual.

The main difference between profession and career is that career focus on an individual work-life while the profession is the specialization in a certain field after undergoing thorough training.

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