10 Provocative Difference between Midget and Dwarf with Table

What is the difference between midget and dwarf?

These two terms were previously used interchangeably. But the close similarities do not imply that they have the same meaning.

The main difference between dwarf and midget is that dwarf is an extremely short heighted adult while midget is an offensive word to describe a short heighted adult.

Difference between Midget and Dwarf

Comparison Table between Midget and Dwarf

Basic Terms Midget Dwarf
Description Refers to a small person with well-proportioned body parts Refers to a small person with abnormal body proportion
Meaning of the Terms Offensive term Not offensive term
Cause Hereditary genetic disorder Mutation of chromosome 4
Complications Tend to be healthy Malformed bones and joints
Treatment Proper nutrition and hormonal supplements Bone surgery and hormonal replacement
Affects Human Only Humans, animals, and plants
Maximum Height 4’10 or shorter Range from 2’8 to 4’10

What Is Midget?

Midget is an offensive and derogatory used to describe an extremely short individual with well-proportional body parts.

These individuals tend to suffer from psychological and social problems which makes them lose confidence.

The maximum height they attain is not more than 58 inches. They are great entertainers in society. They can be treated by limb-lengthening surgery.

The condition is quite common in humans only. The cost of the treatment is extremely expensive to acquire.

What Is Dwarf?

Dwarf refers to small individuals with abnormal bodily proportions. The condition is brought about by genetic disorder.

The genetic disorder is common in plants, animals, and human beings. These people suffer from bone and nerve formation.

Besides that, these individuals suffer from many psychological and social problems in society. This situation makes them lose confidence.

The main types of dwarfism are proportionate and disproportionate dwarfism. Proportionate dwarfism has limbs, head, and trunk that is proportional.

Disproportionate dwarfism has body parts that are not proportional. The two conditions are brought about by a mutation of chromosome 4.

Main Difference between Midget and Dwarf In Point Form

  1. A dwarf is a small individual with abnormal bodily parts whereas midget is a small individual with well-proportional body parts
  2. A midget is a term considered to be offensive whereas dwarf is not an offensive term.
  3. Dwarfism is caused by mutation of chromosome 4 whereas midget is caused by a genetic disorder
  4. Midget individuals tend to have perfect health whereas dwarf individuals suffer from malformed bones and joints
  5. Dwarfism can be treated by bone surgery and hormone replacement whereas midget can be treated by proper nutrition and hormonal supplements.
  6. Midget tends to affect humans only whereas dwarf tends to affect animals, plants, and human beings.
  7. Midget have low psychological and social problems while dwarf have high psychological and social problems
  8. Midget individuals are great entertainers while dwarf individuals lack the confidence to entertain people.
  9. Treatment of dwarfism is quite expensive when compared to midget treatment
  10. Dwarfism is divided into two such as proportionate and disproportionate whereas midget is not classified into any division.

Similarities between Midget and Dwarf

  1. Both terms are used to describe short height individuals
  2. Both are genetic disorder
  3. Both conditions occur in human beings
  4. Both conditions can be treated
  5. Both individuals suffer from psychological and social problems

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The core difference between midget and dwarf is the proportionality of their body. The conditions are brought about by genetic disorder and they can easily be treatment though very expensive.

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