10 Amazing Difference between Fruit and Seed with Comparison Chart

What is the difference between fruit and seed?

Pollination is the reason behind the development of both fruits and seeds. These two biological plant parts tend to confuse a lot of people.

The article provides a detailed insight into the difference between fruit and seed based on formation, structure, reproduction, classification, and uses. Let’s find out:

 Difference between Fruit and Seed

What Is A Fruit?

The fruit is a sweet and fleshy part of the plant that is edible. Besides that, it is a seed-bearing part that contributes to the world’s largest agricultural production.

This part of the plant has gained a huge economic, cultural, and symbolic meaning in society today. It is further grouped into simple fruit, aggregated fruit, and multiple fruits.

A single fruit occurs as a result of one ovary while aggregated fruit from a simple compound flower with many ovaries. Multiple fruits develop from multiple flowers with fused ovaries.

A fruit contains pericarp which has three layers such as exocarp which is the outermost layer, mesocarp fleshy middle layer, and endocarp innermost layer surrounded with seeds.

What Is A Seed?

A seed is a fertilized grain located within a fruit. It can either be enclosed or naked seeds. They contain one seed coat and they tend to occur after fertilization.

The outer seed coat is known as testa while in the inner seed coat is called tegmen. A seed is a major reproduction part of plants across the world. Some edible while others are not edible.

Comparison Chart: Fruit vs Seed

Basic Terms Fruit Seed
Meaning It is the ripened ovary of the angiosperm. It is the fertilized ovules of angiosperm and gymnosperm.
After fertilization Ovary becomes the fruit Ovules become the seeds
Outer layer Exocarp Testa
Growing into Plant Fruits cannot develop without seeds hence cannot grow into a new plant Tend to grow and develop into a new plant
Group of plants Angiosperms Angiosperms and gymnosperms
Structure It has three parts such as epicarp, mesocarp, and endocarp. It has two parts such as embryo and seed coat.
Classifications Simple fleshy fruits Aggregate fruits Multiple fruits Enclosed seeds Naked seeds
Uses jams, marmalade, and muffins cooking oils, starch, and flour
Self-life The high amount of moisture Low amount of moisture
Role and Functions of Plant Part Seed dispersal by attracting the animals Reproduction of gymnosperm and angiosperm plants.

Core Difference between Fruit and Seed In Point Form 

  1. Fruits are meant for attracting animals to enhance seed dispersal while seeds are meant for the reproduction of gymnosperm and angiosperm plants.
  2. The outer layer of the fruit is known as exocarp while that of the seed is testa.
  3. A fruit has two scars while a seed has one scar.
  4. Fruits are classified into three such as simple fleshy fruits, aggregate fruits, and multiple fruits while a seed into two such as naked seeds and enclosed seeds.
  5. Ovary develop into fruit and ovules into seeds after fertilization

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Both the seed and fruit are an important part of the plant. Angiosperms are known for the production of true fruits. On the other hand, angiosperm and gymnosperm produce quality seeds.

Fruits tend to be quite attractive and this helps to facilitate seed dispersal while seeds help to promote the growth of a new plant.

Understanding the difference between fruit and seed is quite vital when it comes to facilitating the growth of new plants.

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