6 Difference between Objective and Subjective with Table

What is the difference between objective and subjective?

There are a lot of ways how people tend to present their statements with facts, figures, opinions, and projections to derive points at home.

The statement can either be objective or subjective. The article provides the core difference between objective and subjective with comparison tables.

Difference between Objective and Subjective

What is the Objective?

The objective statement is the one that is based on facts and it can easily be proved. It is also measurable and observable.

The statements tend to be quite important when making an informed decision since representing complete truth and free from any individual influences.

What Is Subjective?

Subjective statements are those that are based on opinions, personal feelings, interests, likes, and dislikes. It is known to be biased since it is influenced by an individual.

These statements are marked by past experience, knowledge, perceptions, desires, and understandings of people. They are not universally true due to an individual’s ideas or opinions.

Comparison Chart: Objective Vs Subjective

Basic Terms Objective Subjective
Based Measurable facts Personal ideas, opinions, beliefs, assumptions, and interpretation.
Found Text Books, News Reporting and Dictionaries Blogs, Newspaper, Biographies, and Comments
Decision Making Suitable Not Suitable
Truth Provable Not provable
Verification Verified Non-verified
Examples These are oranges I love oranges

Differences between Objective and Subjective

  1. Objective statements are based on measurable facts while subjective statements on personal ideas or opinions.
  2. Objective statements are suitable for making informed decisions, unlike subjective statements.
  3. Objective statements are ideal for news reporting unlike subjective statements
  4. Objective statements can easily be proved whereas subjective statement is subject relative
  5. The objective is mainly used in textbooks and dictionaries whereas subjective in blogs and comments on social media
  6. An objective statement can be verified while subjective statements are non-verifiable
  7. The truth in the objective is accepted universally whereas subjective is universally not accepted.

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The core difference between objective and subjective statement is that objective is measurable facts whereas subjective are personal opinions that can easily be influenced.

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