10 Remarkable Difference between Fact and Opinion

What is the difference between fact and opinion?

Facts and opinions are two terms normally uttered in the same breath by many people with or without knowing to mean the same thing. However, these two terms sound the same in meaning but they are quite different.

The main difference between fact and opinion is that Fact refers to something that can be verified or proved to be true whereas Opinion refers to a judgement or belief about something.

The lesson provides detailed insight into the difference between fact and opinion with a comparison chart to make understanding quite easier. Let’s find out:

difference between fact and opinion

What is a Fact?

A fact is a statement that can be proven to be either true or false. Factual statements can be measured, observed and proven.

Therefore, a fact can be an event or information based on real-time occurrence which can be verified with statistics, proofs and documentation.

A fact is a verifiable truth which can be agreed by a group of people through building consensus. Precisely, they are reliable after being approved.

What is an Opinion?

An opinion is an expression of individual feelings and they cannot be proven. The expression is inconclusive statements used in subjective matters.

It is therefore quite difficult to prove if they are true or false. The statement tends not to be true but biased information.

Generally, opinions tend to be influenced by an individual attitude, feelings, experiences, understanding and beliefs among many other things.

Comparison Chart: Fact Vs Opinion

Basic Terms Fact Opinion
Definition Refer to something that can easily be proven or verified to be true or false Refer to an expression, judgement or belief about something
Based on Observation and Research Assumptions or personal feelings
What is it? Objective reality Subjective expression
Verification Possible Impossible
Represent The reality of an occurrence Perception about something
Change Universal Varies from one person to another
Debatable No Yes
Influence Has the power to influence others Does not have the power  to influence
Words Expressed in an unbiased form Expressed in the biased form
Examples The 2010 world cup took place in South Africa. London is the best city in the world

Main Difference between Fact and Opinion

  1. Facts refer to something that can be proven or verified while opinion refers to judgement or views about something.
  2. Facts are based on observation and research while opinions are based on personal feelings or attitude
  3. Facts are easy to be verified while opinions cannot be verified
  4. Facts have a universal change while opinions differ from one person to another
  5. Facts are not subjected to debate while opinions are debatable
  6. Facts have the power to influence others while opinions have no power to influence others.
  7. Words used in facts are unbiased while those used in opinions tend to be biased.
  8. Facts represent something really happen whereas opinions tend to be perceptions about something
  9. Facts are objective reality while opinions are a subjective statement

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The difference between fact and opinion help to pull out the reality and utility of a statement. It helps to evaluate things and make conclusions.

The rule of thumb is that facts can be proven to be true or false and they are not subjected to any debate, unlike opinions.

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