Difference between Coat and Jacket (With Table)

Different seasons call for different clothing. Every one of us has different clothes for different seasons and occasions. Cold seasons require heavy clothes and warm seasons require light clothes.

Coats and jackets are among the clothes worn on different occasions and in different seasons. Many people use the names interchangeably but that is not right.

Both coats and jackets are worn on top of other clothes. They both have long sleeves and keep the body warm.

So, what is the main difference between coat and jacket? A coat is a long piece of clothing that is thigh or knee-length and is worn during cold weather while a jacket is a hip or waist-length garment used as a covering over other clothes.

For more information about the difference between coat and jacket in tabular form continue reading the article. You will also get to learn about their similarities.

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Comparison Table (Coat vs Jacket)

Basic Terms Coat Jacket
Definition It is a type of clothing worn during cold weather. It is a type of clothing used as a covering over other clothes.
Length It is a thigh or knee-length garment. It is a waist or hip-length garment.
Use It is used to protect the body against cold. It is used to cover other clothes.
weight It is heavy. It is light in weight.

What is Coat?

A coat is a garment worn on top of other clothes during the cold season to keep the body warm. It is worn by both men and women.

They have long sleeves and are open in front. They are closed by means of buttons, zippers, or fasteners. The early use of coats in English was a coat of mail, which usually protected the wearers from weapons.

They are usually long about thigh or knee-length. Some even reach the ankle. They are heavy and hence they are mostly used to keep the body warm during cold weather.

They are made from different materials such as wool. They are either overcoats or undercoats. Overcoats are worn on top of tailcoats.

Examples of overcoats include; dress coats, frock coats which are to be a little longer than undercoats to completely cover the undercoats. . (Check Best Deals on Amazon).

What is Jacket?

Jackets are types of clothing worn to cover under clothes. They are light in weight and hence most of them are only used during light cold weather.

However, there are some types of jackets such as ski jackets that are warmer than coats. These ones are heavier hence they can also be used during cold weather.

They are waist or hip-length garments with long sleeves that fasten in front usually by means of fasteners, zippers, or even belts.

There are different types of jackets meant to be worn on different occasions. They include; fleece jackets, flight jackets, leather jackets just to name but a few.

The word jacket originated in French which referred to a small or lightweight tunic. However, it is used interchangeably with the word coat in American English. (Check Best Deals on Amazon).

Main Difference between Coat and Jacket

  1. The coat is meant to be worn during the cold season while the jacket is worn during the light cold season.
  2. The coat is either thigh or knee-length while the jacket is waist or hip length.
  3. The coat is heavy while the jacket is light in weight

Similarities between Coat and Jacket

  1. They are both worn over other clothes.
  2. Both are worn during cold weather season.
  3. Both have long sleeves.
  4. Both are open in front and are fastened using buttons, zippers, or belts.
  5. They are worn by both men and women.


Coats and jackets are garments worn over other clothes. They both have long sleeves and are mostly worn during cold weather.

The words are used interchangeably especially in American English where the two refer to one thing as some jackets are warmer than coats hence both are worn during cold weather season.

However, coats are warmer and heavier hence they are worn during very cold weather while jackets are light in weight hence they are mostly worn during light weather seasons.

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