Difference between Cleanser and Toner (With Table)

Dermatologists recommend a lot of products for skincare depending on the condition of the skin. Many people consult dermatologists every now and then on how to take care of their skin.

Skin is a vital part of the body that needs a lot of care in order for someone to look beautiful or handsome.

Some of the skincare products recommended by dermatologists include cleanser and toner. Most people use them without exactly knowing the difference between them.

They both help to remove impurities from the skin leaving it healthy and looking good. They both clean and protect your skin and they can be used on a daily basis.

So, what is the main difference between cleanser and toner? The cleanser cleans your skin while toner helps balance the PH of your skin and control acne and dry skin in addition to cleansing.

For more information about the difference between cleanser and toner in tabular form continue reading the article. You will also get to learn of the similarities.

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Comparison Table (Cleanser vs Toner)

Basic Terms Cleanser Toner
Definition It is a skincare product that removes dirt, oil, make-up, and dead skin cells. It is a liquid cosmetic for cleansing the skin and contracting the pores.
Uses It is used to remove dirt, oil, make-up, and dead cells. It is used to moisturize and balance the PH of the skin.
Order of application It is the first step in any ideal skincare routine. It is applied after the cleanser.
Type of skin applied on It is applied to any type of skin. It is mostly used with people who have acne-prone skin or oily skin.
Texture It can be in form of liquid, foam, or exfoliator. It is mostly found in liquid texture.

What is Cleanser?

The cleanser is any product included in the skincare routine of a person. It is usually meant to clean skin by removing excess oil, dirt, make-up, dead skin cells, and any other pollutants.

It is used at the very first step before other skincare products are applied. They come in various forms such as gel, liquid form, foam, or exfoliators. (Check Best Cleanser Deals on Amazon).

It gets rid of impurities on the skin and helps open the pores of the skin to enable perfect cleaning to be done on the skin.

According to dermatologists, cleansers should be used at least two times a day for effective results. It should also be done as the first step of the skincare routine.

Some types of cleansers have to be rinsed well while others can be removed using a cotton pad. You need to choose a cleanser based on the type of your skin.

What is Toner?

Toner is a liquid cosmetic for cleansing and contracting skin pores. It comes with a pleasant smell and works as a double cleanser. (Check Best Toner Deals on Amazon).

It works well on skins that require extra cleansing or due to wearing make-up and cosmetics for a long. It deeply gets rid of any possible impurity that may exist on the skin.

It provides a firm base on the skin after it has been washed thoroughly. This allows users to apply further layers of the product.

Toner is also used to balance the PH of the skin. It also soothes the skin leaving it healthy. They have the ability to moisturize, refresh and protect the skin.

Toner can either be applied on a cotton round, spraying on the face, or using a tonic gauze facial mask. There are different types such as skin toners, acid toners, skin fresheners, and astringents.

Toners have various functions other than cleansing the skin. They prevent ingrown hairs; add a layer of protection to the skin and restores the PH of the skin.

Main Difference between Cleanser and Toner

  1. Cleansers remove dirt, oil, make-up, and dead skin cells while toner performs other functions such as maintaining the PH of the skin.
  2. The cleanser is applied as the first step while the toner is applied after the cleanser has been applied.
  3. The cleanser is applied on any type of skin while toner is applied on acne-prone skin and oily skin.
  4. Cleanser can be in form of liquid, foam, or exfoliator while toner comes in form of liquid.

Similarities between Cleanser and Toner

  1. Both are skincare products.
  2. Both are used to cleanse the skin.
  3. Both allow the skin pores to open.
  4. Both are recommended by dermatologists.


Cleanser and toner are both skincare products that leave the skin healthy after they are used on the skin. They both open skin pores and this avoids clogging of the skin.

However, the two are used differently. Most people use them alternately which is not correct. They are to be used differently.

The main difference between cleanser and toner is that cleanser is used to remove dirt, oil, make-up, dead skin cells, and other pollutants that may be found on the skin while toner is used to maintain the PH of the skin and also prevents the growth of ingrown hairs.

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