7 Crucial Differences between White Sperm and Clear Sperm

What are the differences between white sperm and clear sperm?

White sperm vs clear sperm are two complex terms used to describe the human reproductive system. Getting to know the differences between the two terms is quite essential.

A lot of people tend to get worried when they notice a weird coloured discharge coming out of their reproductive organs. Human semen can either be white or bright. All these colours are standard.

The guide provides some of the critical insights about the two terms to ensure you are on the safe side. Take time to read through the article step by step.

Differences between White Sperm and Clear Sperm

What Is White Sperm?

White semen is quite common among those men who rarely have sex or masturbate regularly. It usually is thicker, cloudier and more viscous seminal quality.

According to research, there is more sperm count in the fluid, and they are efficient when it comes to reproduction.

As the man goes through sexual maturity development, they tend to experience white sperm as compared to those who have reached puberty.

An individual needs to maintain high sperm count by eating a balanced diet, having adequate exercise, reduce the intake of alcohol, and have enough sleep.

Also, having mental meditation tends to help a lot when it comes to white sperm production, and this is highly recommended.

What Is Clear Sperm?

Clear semen is a pre-cum or pre-ejaculate fluid that comes out of the male reproductive organ during foreplay or before the climax in sex.

However, clear sperm can also be seen in the actual sperm. These sperms are released when the man ejaculates or masturbate frequently.

Clear semen is quite common among male who has reached or approaching puberty stage, and this is considered to be healthy.

According to medical reports, many productions of clear sperm could be an indication of other issues like low sperm count.

Men with low sperm count tend to find it challenging to impregnate women since fertilization rarely occurs. It is advisable to consult a physician for a checkup.

Some of the possible causes of low sperm count are excessive intake of alcohol, lack of exercise, excessive smoking, and a lot of fat intake among many others.

The good news is that low sperm count is treatable and preventable. Therefore, follow the recommendations of your physician seriously.

Main Causes of Clear Semen 

Low Sperm Count

This is the main cause of clear sperm and the condition is known as oligospermia. It is a clear indication that the semen contains fewer sperms than normal. 

The main cause of low sperm count is hormonal imbalances, infections, tumors, and anti-sperm antibodies among many others. 

Frequent Ejaculation

Watery semen occurs due to frequent ejaculation. This is a common condition experienced by those individuals who masturbate frequently. If you need to produce quality semen then you need to eat healthily and avoid masturbating.

Low Amount of Zinc in the Body

Men with an insufficient amount of zinc in the body tend to experience the production of clear semen.   Taking zinc sulfate supplements will help to fight off anti-sperm antibodies. These antibodies are produced by the immune system which later mistakes semen as foreign bodies. 

Note: Understanding white sperm vs clear sperm is quite essential before starting to toss your mind on the ocean.

Comparison Chart: White Sperm Vs Clear Sperm

Basic Terms White Sperm Clear Sperm
Definition The white semen is quite common among men who rarely have sex or masturbate frequently. The clear semen is common among men who have reached puberty or frequently have sex or masturbate.
Quality The semen is more viscous, thick, and cloudy. The semen is less viscous and less cloudy.
Sperm Count The level of sperm count in white semen is too high. The level of sperm count is too low in the clear semen.
Reproduction Has higher chances of reproduction due to the quality. Has lower chances of reproduction due to the quality.
Clotting Rate Tend to clot immediately after ejaculation and result in a thick jelly-like substance. Take a longer time to clot and it spread out like a thin liquid substance.
Health Indication Sign of good fertility rate and also a healthy reproductive organ.  Sign of low fertility rate and also poor reproductive health.
Other Issues Less sex, lack of sleep, and a well-balanced diet. Frequent sex, poor diet, excessive alcohol consumption, and genetic issue.

Core Differences between White Sperm and Clear Sperm 

  1. Clear sperms have a low sperm count when compared to white sperms. Hence the rate of fertility tends to be low in the long run.
  2. White sperms are more viscous, cloudier, and thick as compared to clear sperms. Therefore, they clot immediately they are ejaculated to form a jelly-like substance.
  3. White sperms are prevalent among mature men who rarely have sex or masturbate while clear sperms are common among men who masturbate or have sex frequently.
  4. Clear sperms are a sign of a medical problem if it lasts for an extended period while white sperms are a sign of a healthy reproductive system.
  5. Clear sperms have no distinctive colors while white sperms tend to show unique colors that are typical to vary from grey to yellowish.
  6. White sperm occur due to less sex and sleep whereas clear sperm occur due to poor diet and frequent sex
  7. White sperm is a sign of good fertility while clear sperm is a sign of a low fertility rate 

Similarities between a White Sperm and Clear Sperm

  1. Both are present in the testicles
  2. Both are produced in millions
  3. Both are microscopic 
  4. Both can make babies 
  5. Both are mobile 

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Production of both white sperm and clear sperm is a common thing among mature men. Under normal circumstances, it is quite healthy to experience the two in an individual lifetime.

However, men who release white sperm are known to have a high reproductive rate as compared to those who release clear sperm.

Research shows that white sperm has a lot of sperm count as compared to clear sperm; hence, the reason behind the high fertility rate.

I hope the differences between white sperm and clear sperm listed in the table are adequate. Use the comment section below to share your experience about white sperm and clear sperm production. We will highly appreciate it.

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