7 Crucial Difference between Talent and Skill with Comparison Table

What is the difference between talent and skill?

There are some tasks that prove to be difficult for some people but there are some who can do it jiffy and seamlessly. This is due to the ability and skills endowed into an individual.

The main difference between talent and skill is that talent is the natural aptitude to do something whereas skill is the ability to do something. 

The article provides detailed insight into the difference between talent and skill with a comparison table for easier understanding.

Difference between Talent and Skill

What Is a Talent?

Talent refers to the natural aptitude to do something in a unique way. It is also referred to as an innate ability in a person born with. The person does not use extra effort to do it but it comes naturally.

Talents tend to be exhibited at a young age and it is important to recognize them before they get wasted. Some of the common areas are singing, dancing, playing football and cricket among others.

What Is a Skill?

A skill refers to learn the ability to do something. Skills are normally developed in a person and it takes time as well as effort. Examples of skills are leadership and teamwork.

To acquire skills require voluntary, systematic and versatility. This will enable an individual to undertake tasks and activities easily.

Comparison Chart: Talent Vs Skill

Basic Terms Talent Skill
Meaning Innate ability to do something Learned ability to do something
Nature Naturally acquired Taught in an academic institution
Possession By few people By many people
Requires Recognition Development
Guidance Coaching Training
Considered As natural skills Demonstrated talent
Aspect Natural Nurtured
Example Singing Computer programming

Core Difference Between Talent and Skill In Point Form 

  1. Talent refers to natural ability a person is born with whereas skill refers to competency learned and perfected
  2. Talent tends to be hidden while skill is demonstrated
  3. Talent requires coaching while skill requires training
  4. Talent is considered as natural skills whereas skill is a demonstrated talent
  5. Talent requires recognition while skill require development
  6. Talent is possessed by few people whereas skill by many people
  7. Example of talent is singing whereas skill is computer programming

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The core difference between talent and skill is that talent is an innate ability to do something while skill is learned ability to do something. Talent is normally recognized at an early age, unlike skill.

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