8 Remarkable Difference between Simple Tissue and Complex Tissue

The Difference between simple tissue and complex tissue help to highlight some of the main components in the plants. Let’s find out more. 

They comprise of units that make up various organs in the body both externally and internally. However, differentiating the two terms can be a daunting experience.

The article provides detailed insight into the differences between simple and complex tissues in the body.

Difference between Simple Tissue and Complex Tissue

What Is Simple Tissue?

Simple tissue comprises the same type of cells that make up both the external and internal organs of the body.

These tissues are normally packed together and they tend to have a similar structure. They are classified into three forms that are parenchyma, sclerenchyma, and collenchyma.

Parenchyma tissues are known for offering protection and mechanical support while collenchyma to offer flexibility and mechanical support. Lastly, sclerenchyma offers rigidity and mechanical support. 

What Is Complex Tissue?

Complex tissue comprises of different types of cells that perform different functions. Besides that, the tissue is known for binding organs together and offering support.

Complex tissues are all over the body wherein animals are known as connective tissues while in plants as xylem and phloem tissues respectively.

Xylem tissue in plants is responsible for water and mineral transportation from the roots while phloem tissue for translocation of food from the leaves to the various parts of the plant.

Comparison Chart: Simple Tissue Vs Complex Tissue

Basic Terms Simple Tissue Complex Tissue
Definition Comprise of cells that perform the same function Comprises of different cells that perform different functions
Distribution All over Restricted to certain parts
Performance Does many functions Only meant for conduction
Function Storage of food Offering protection
location Occur in every part of the plant Occurs in vascular region of the plant
Cell differentiation Perform the same functions in the plant Perform different duties in the plant
Composition Comprises of single cells Comprises of multiple types of cells
Example Collenchyma, parenchyma, sclerenchyma Xylem and phloem tissues only.

Core Differences Between Simple Tissue and Complex Tissue

  1. Simple tissue compromises of cells that are related and similar while complex tissue comprises of different cells that perform different functions.
  2. Simple tissue consists of parenchyma, collenchyma, and sclerenchyma while complex tissue comprises of xylem and phloem tissues.
  3. Simple tissues are widely distributed in various parts of the plant while complex tissues are restricted in the vascular region only.
  4. Simple tissues perform the task of storage of food while complex tissue performs support, transportation of food, and conduction of water in the plants.
  5. Simple tissues have a lot of capabilities in the plants while complex tissues are only restricted to certain tasks.
  6. Complex tissue help to prevent water loss and also offer room for gaseous exchange, unlike simple tissues.
  7. Simple tissues carry out a wide range of duties when compared to complex tissues that work according to the area of specialization.
  8. Simple tissue comprise of single-cell while complex tissue comprise of multiple cells. 

Similarities of Simple Tissue and Complex Tissue

  1. Both provide support to the plant
  2. Both are found in plants 
  3. Both play role conduction of water and translocation of food

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The article provides detailed insight into the differences between simple permanent tissues and complex permanent tissues in the plant.

I hope the information helped you differentiate between these two biological terms that are popularly found in plants.

Kindly use the comment section below to share your experience and thoughts about the two-term. Good luck.

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