12 Most Amazing Difference between Male and Female Pelvis

What is the difference between male and female pelvis?

The human body has different parts that play different functions according to gender. Male and female pelvis tend to be quite different due to several reasons for easy identification.

The lesson provides detailed information on the difference between male and female pelvis. Take the time to read through the guide for better insight and preparation of exams.

Difference between Male and Female Pelvis

What Is Male Pelvis?

Male pelvis tends to be taller, narrower, and compact. It is typically designed for bipedal movement.

Besides that, the sacrum has a more pronounced sacral promontory since it is narrower, straight, and longer.

Lastly, male pelvis tends to be thick and heavier to support men’s general body weight while walking or standing.

What Is A Female Pelvis?

Female pelvis tends to be larger and wider for the purpose of supporting the female reproductive system. Besides that, the structure of the female pelvis is meant to support pregnancy.

Another interesting fact about the female pelvis is the larger room due to shorter and wider sacrum. Lastly, the pelvis is rounder when compared to male pelvic.

Comparison Chart: Male Pelvis Vs Female Pelvis 

Basic Terms Male Pelvis Female Pelvis
Size and Weight Tend to be smaller and narrower but heavier and thick bones. Tend to be bigger and wider along with light and dense bones.
Sacrum Heart-shaped pelvic inlet Slightly oval shaped pelvic inlet
Acetabulum Larger Smaller
Ilium More vertical with more curved iliac crest Less vertical with less curved iliac crest
Ischial Tuberosity Longer, compact and lateral projecting Shorter, farther apart and more medially projecting.
Pubic Arch v-shaped pubic arch Tend to be wider
Sciatic notch Narrower Wider
Coccyx Projected inwards and immovable Tend to be flexible and straighter
Purpose of Design Support a heavy bodyweight Childbearing and easier delivery
Obturator Foramen Round Oval
Pelvis bone Heavier, taller and much thicker Thinner and denser
Pelvic outlet Narrower Wider

Core Difference between Male and Female Pelvis In Point Form

  1. Male pelvic is narrower and smaller while the female pelvis is wider and larger
  2. The male pelvic bone is heavier, taller, and thicker while the female pelvic bone is lighter, shorter, and thin.
  3. Male pelvis has a V-shaped pubic arch whereas female pelvis is wider
  4. Male pelvis tends to have coccyx which tends to project inwards and immovable while that of the female pelvis is flexible and straighter.
  5. Male pelvis has a longer and narrower sacrum whereas female pelvis has wider, shorter, and less curved sacrum.
  6. The acetabulum of male pelvis is larger while that of the female pelvis is smaller.
  7. The sciatic notch of the male pelvis is narrower whereas that of the female pelvis is wider
  8. The pelvic inlet of the male pelvis has a heart-shaped while that of the female pelvis is slightly oval shape.

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The male pelvis is normally used to support general body weight while that of the female pelvis is to support childbearing and easy delivery. There are no notable similarities between male and female pelvis.

Comprehending the difference between male and female pelvis is key especially when you are preparing for the exam in biology. Human anatomy is complex especially when it comes to bones.

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