6 Difference between Length and Height (With Table)

Length, width, and height are common parameters used in geometry to describe the shape of an object. Length and height are terms that tend to confuse students a lot.

So, what is the main difference between length and height? Length is described as the measurement of an object from one point to another whereas Height alludes to the measurement of an individual or an object from top to bottom.

This article provides further differences between length and height in a tabular form for easier understanding. Take the time to read through the guide.

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Comparison Table (Length Vs Height)

Basic Terms Length Height
Meaning Refers to the measurement of the longest side of the object Refers to the vertical measurement from base to top.
Vertical vs Horizontal Horizontal distance Vertical distance
One dimensional Objects Yes No
Function Describe how long the object is Describe how tall the object is
Axis of measurement X-axis Y-axis
Dimension The most extended dimension of the object. The dimension that would be up in ordinary orientation.

What Is Length?

Length is the longest distance of an object. Length can be measured in meter, centimeter, kilometer, inches, foot, miles, etc.

It normally describes the entity of the object irrespective of the dimension. Besides that, it is measured along the x-axis in coordinate geometry.

What Is Height?

Height is the measurement of the object from the base to the top. It is also known as altitude which measures the vertical distance from the lowest to the highest point.

It is also measured along the y-axis in coordinate geometry. We describe the height of humans as either tall or short.

Main Difference between Length and Height

  1. Length describes how long the object is while height describes how tall the object is.
  2. Height measure vertical distance whereas length horizontal distance
  3. Length measures the most extended dimension whereas height measures the dimension that would be up in any orientation.
  4. Length is measured along the x-axis while height along the y-axis
  5. Examples of an object with length are line, square, rectangle, cube, etc. and those with height are cube and cylinder.


The core difference between length and height is the fact that length is the horizontal measurement and height is the vertical measurement. Besides that, the length is used to describe how long the object is and height how tall the object is when compared to others.

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