What Is The Difference between Judaism and Christianity?

What is the main difference between Judaism and Christianity? The  main difference between Judaism and Christianity is that Judaism originates from the Levant whereas Christianity originates from the Roman province of Judea.

Christianity is the first and largest religious group in the world. On the other hand, Judaism is popular among Jewish and it is the twelfth largest religious group. Both these groups have some close similarities and origin with sight differences.

Many people still find it challenging to tell the difference between Judaism and Christianity. We wrote this detailed article to help you understand things that set them apart. We will focus on Abrahamic religious beliefs, practices, and teachings.

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15 Difference between Judaism and Christianity (With Table)


Difference Between Judaism and Christianity

Basic Terms Judaism Christianity
Place of Origin Levant Roman province of Judea
Place of Worship Synagogues and Western Wall of the Temple in Jerusalem Church, chapel, cathedral, basilica, home bible study, personal dwellings
Practices Pray three times a day with the fourth prayer on Shabbat and holidays. Prayer sacrament, worship in church, communion, reading of the bible, and acts of charity
Life after death Reincarnation Eternity in heaven or hell
Use of Statues and Pictures Not allowed Common among Catholic and Orthodox
Means of Salvation Through God and good deeds Through Christ passion, death, and resurrection
Clergy Rabbis, Cantors, Scribes, Mohels. Bishop, ministers, monk, priest, and nuns
Founder Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Moses Lord Jesus Christ
Giving Tzadaka Tithing and giving to charities
Days of worship Sundown Friday to sundown Saturday Sunday
The war between Major Sects Orthodox and Reform Jews with no violence Protestants and Catholic
Purgatory Believe in Judaism Believed in by various denominations.
Trinity God, people, and Israel Father, Son, and the holy spirit
The virtue of the Religion Justice, faithfulness, charity, modesty, Tikkun Olam, mitzvoth, Love of the creations. Ethics. Social Justice. Intellectual discussions, and study. Love, charity, and mercy
Founders and Early Leaders Abraham, Moses, David, and many Prophets. Jesus, Peter, Paul, and the Apostles.

What Is Judaism?

Judaism is the twelfth largest religious group in the world. The Jewish people in Israel are majority in this Abrahamic religion. It is based on the principles and ethics embodied in the Hebrew Bible.

Abraham, Moses, David and many prophets are the founders of Judaism religion. Synagogue is the house of worship and main services occur on Saturday.

The Hebrew Bible contain the word of God. The followers on use the Old Testament during their service on Saturday since they do not believe in Jesus Christ. They believe in heaven and hell as an eternal dwelling place for the righteous and for the wicked.

What Is Christianity?

Christianity is the largest religion with faith that focusses on the teachings of life and death of Jesus Christ of Nazareth (the Christ, or the Anointed One of God) in the 1st century CE.

There are over two billion Christians in the world falling under different denominations. Its largest groups are the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox churches, and the Protestant churches. 

Church is the agent of Christianity since it is a place where people who make the body of Christ fellowship. Jews were the earliest members of Christian faith since they stood in the faith tradition inherited by Hebrew people in Israel.

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Main Difference between Judaism and Christianity

  1. Christianity originated from the Roman province of Judea while Judaism originated from the Levant
  2. Place of worship for Christianity is churches and chapel while for Judaism is synagogues and Western Wall of the Temple.
  3. Judaism means of salvation is the belief in God and good deeds whereas Christianity is through Christ’s passion, death, and resurrection
  4. Judaism founders are Moses, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob whereas Christianity is the Lord Jesus Christ.
  5. The goal of Christianity is to love God and obey his commandments whereas Judaism is to celebrate life
  6. Christianity followers are Christian whereas Judaism followers are Jews.
  7. The scripture for Judaism is Tanakh and Torah while that of Christianity is the holy bible
  8. Branches of Christianity are Roman Catholics, independent Catholics, Protestants, and orthodox whereas those of Judaism are Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Renewal, and Reconstruction.
  9. The second coming of Jesus is affirmed by Christianity whereas denied by Judaism
  10. Christianity considers Jesus as the son of God whereas Judaism’s identity of Jesus is not part of the liturgy.

Similarities between Judaism and Christianity

  1. Both belief in God
  2. Both have holy bibles
  3. Both believe in the promise of the holy one
  4. Both belief in life after death
  5. Both practices prayers

Judaism vs Christianity FAQs

Who Is The Important Person In Judaism?

Abraham. He is regarded by Jews as the first Patriarch of the Jewish people.

What Are The Core Beliefs Of Judaism?

The three main beliefs at the center of Judaism are Monotheism, Identity, and covenant. The most important teachings of Judaism is that there is one God, who wants people to do what is just and compassionate.

Where Did Judaism Spread To First?

Judaism diffused mainly through relocation diffusion during the Jewish Diaspora.

How Do Jews Pray?

Jews are supposed to pray three times a day; morning, afternoon, and evening. The Jewish prayer book has special services set down for this. Praying regularly enables a person to get better at building their relationship with God.

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Final Thoughts From Expert

The main difference  between Christianity and Judaism is based on the identification of Jesus. Christians believe in the teachings of life and death of Jesus Christ, while Judaism believes that the identity of Jesus is not part of the Liturgy.

Both Judaism and Christianity believe in God who is Holy, righteous, merciful, and forgiving. Both religions share Hebrew Scriptures (the Old Testament) as a Word of God, but Christianity also includes the New Testament. (Source: ROTHERHAM Evangelical Church).

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