10 Major Difference between Japanese and Chinese Eyes

What is the difference between Japenese and Chinese eyes?

Japan and China are very close countries in terms of geographical location. Both countries have very close similarities in terms of history and race.

It tends to be quite difficult to tell Japanese eyes Vs Chinese eyes. It is the reason why many people find it hard to differentiate them.  

The article provides a detailed insight into the difference between Japanese and Chinese eyes. Let’s dive into the topic

Difference between Japanese and Chinese Eyes

Japanese Eyes Definition

Japanese are people who have eyes that are either round or oval in shape. The eyes are angled in an upward direction.

Also, the eyes of the Japanese people are bigger in size to perfectly meet the size of their face. Japanese women have bigger eyes compared to men.

The area under the eye is the main determinant of the size of Japanese people and frowning is the main facial expression of Japanese.

The massive Japanese eyes are greater in percentage as a compound to the double eyelid. This is the main factor that helps to differentiate Japanese from other Asians.

Chinese Eyes Definition

The eyes of Chinese people tend to appear slanted. They are normally angled in a downward direction.

The eyes of the Chinese people are less prominent due to the small size of nature. Chinese people have around and smaller face which makes the eyes more prominent despite the size.

The area above the eyelids and under the eyes tend to define the eye shape of Chinese people.

A smile is the main facial expression that helps to differentiate between Chinese people and other Asian communities.

Besides that, the Chinese eyes have mono-lids and small double eyelids. Understanding these features is quite vital to know their differences.

Comparison Chart: Japenese Eyes Vs Chinese Eyes 

Basic Terms Japanese Eyes Chinese Eyes
Origin Belong to the people of Jōmon, Yayoi people & Mongol. Belong to the people of Hoklo, Cantonese, and Hakka.
Focus Area Under the eyes Both above the eyelids and under the eyes
Facial Expressions Frown Smile
Shape Eyes are round in shape Eyes appear slanted in shape
Direction Round and upward in direction. Slanted and downward in the direction
Prominence A most prominent feature of the face A least prominent feature on the face.
Size Bigger and wide Smaller in size
Type of Eyes Massive eyes and double eyelids Small double eyelids and mono-lids.
Eyelids Comprise single-edged eyelids Comprise the double-edged
Definition Have a round or oval shape Have a slanted eye appearance.

Core Differences Japenese and Chinese Eyes In Point Form 

  1. Chinese eyes look slanted while Japanese eyes tend to have an oval or round shape.
  2. Japanese people are believed to originate from the people of Jōmon, Yayoi people & Mongol while those of Chinese from Hoklo, Cantonese, and Hakka.
  3. Japanese eyes are shaped in an upward direction while those of Chinese eyes are shaped in a downward direction.
  4. Japanese eyes tend to be bigger in size especially women while Chinese eyes are small in size.
  5. Japanese eyes are more prominent features on the face while Chinese eyes are less prominent.
  6. Japanese eyes have frowning expression while Chinese eyes have a smiling expression
  7. Japanese eyes have single-edged eyelids with a flip side while Chinese eyes have double-edged.
  8. Type of eyes in Japanese are massive with a high percentage of the double eyelids whereas Chinese eyes have small double eyelids.

Similarities Between Japenese Eyes and Chinese Eyes

  1. Both have white eyes
  2. Both have a similar body shape 
  3. Both have the same skin tone 
  4. Both have similar facial features 
  5. Both use similar makeup.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Double Eyelids More Attractive?

Chinese love double eyelid blepharoplasty which is deemed to be more attractive according to their cultural background. Hence, it is the most common cosmetic surgical procedure in China.

  • Is Monolids Rare?

No. Monolids are common to people of Asian descent like Japenese and Chinese. However, people with larger eyelid hoods may appear to have monolids. 

  • Does Eyelid Tape Really Work?

Yes. It will work to add a crease to a droopy eyelid. Keep in mind that it won’t lift your eyelid at all if the eyelid is drooping.

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It is quite difficult to differentiate between Japanese and Chinese simply by use of their eyes. There are other parameters to consider like language, structures, dialects, behavior, and fashion among many other things.

The core difference between Japanese and Chinese eyes is that Japanese eyes tend to be bigger than those of Chinese people.  

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