6 Important Difference between Hybridization and Inbreeding with Table

What is the difference between hybridization and inbreeding?

Selective breeding is highly spearheaded by hybridization and inbreeding. The main aim of artificial breeding research in animals and plants help to bring out particular phenotypic traits.

The main difference between inbreeding and hybridization is that inbreeding is the cross between similar organisms whereas hybridization is a cross between dissimilar organisms.

Comparison Table (Hybridization vs Inbreeding)

Basic Terms Hybridization Inbreeding
Definition it is a process of animal and plant breeding with an individual of another species It is a process of breeding people or animals with closely related species
Type of Breeding Occurs between dissimilar individuals Occurs between similar individuals
Significance Obtain the best traits from each parent Maintain stable trait over many generations
Effect Show hybrid vigour Cause genetic disorder
Involvement Part of animal or plant Involve the entire live animal
Alleles of Offspring Heterozygous alleles Homozygous alleles

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What Is Hybridization?

It is the process of crossing dissimilar individuals to result in the formation of superior offspring traits. The process can happen both in plants and animals.

The hybrid vigour help to get desirable traits from each parent. The genotypic trait of the offspring tend to be quite different from that of the parent.

Difference between Hybridization and Inbreeding

What Is Inbreeding?

It is the process of crossing closely related individuals. The main aim of the process is to maintain a stable trait over many generations.

However, artificial breeding tends to result in undesirable traits from the parents. This can cause a genetic disorder in the offspring.

Difference between Hybridization and Inbreeding

Main Difference between Hybridization and Inbreeding

  1. Hybridization is the cross between dissimilar individuals whereas inbreeding is a cross between similar individuals
  2. Hybridization help to obtain desirable traits from parents while inbreeding help to maintain stable traits over many generations
  3. Hybridization results in offspring with heterozygous alleles while inbreeding results in offspring with homozygous alleles.
  4. Hybridization show hybrid vigour while inbreeding cause a genetic disorder
  5. Hybridization involves part of animal or plant while inbreeding involve a whole live animal.

Similarities between Hybridization and Inbreeding

  1. Both are methods of selective breeding
  2. Both involve sexual reproduction
  3. The main example used in selective breeding is a dog

Hybridization vs Inbreeding FAQs

How Is Hybridization Different From Inbreeding?

Hybridization is a cross between dissimilar species while inbreeding a cross between closely related species

What Are The Signs Of Inbreeding?

Inbreeding usually cause genetic disorders. Other common signs of inbreeding are high infant mortality rate, reduced fertility and loss of immune system function.

What Is The Disadvantage Of Hybridization?

The main disadvantage of hybridization is that hybrid animals tend to have more difficulty in finding mating partners. Hence, it might result in unsuccessful breeding.

Are Blue Eyes A Sign Of Inbreeding?

Not really. Blue eyes is a sign of lacking melanin in your eyes. However, there is still research being undertaken since there is an argument about the genetic mutation.

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Selective breeding is also known as artificial breeding. The main methods of artificial breeding are hybridization and inbreeding.

Outbreeding help to obtain desirable traits from the parents that show hybrid vigour. On the other hand, inbreeding help to maintain stable traits over many generations.

However, inbreeding causes genetic disorder in the offspring. It is not the best method to consider during selective breeding.

The core difference between hybridization and inbreeding is that hybridization shows superior traits while inbreeding results in inferior traits.

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