6 Crucial Difference between Ethnicity and Nationality In Tabular Form

What is the difference between ethnicity and nationality?

The population of the world comprises people from different groups, races, cultures, ethnicity, and nationality. Therefore, ethnicity and nationality can never be used interchangeably.

The lesson provides the difference between ethnicity and nationality in the United Kingdom. The listing is done in a tabular form for easier understanding.

Difference between Ethnicity and Nationality

What Is Ethnicity?

Ethnicity tends to reflect the cultural and ancestral identity of an individual. It is simply the state or belongs to a certain subgroup of the population.

Therefore, people having the same dialect, history, traditions, culture, behavior, religion and physical appearance in terms of fashion or food belong to the same ethnic group.

Example: If a person from an Italian family was born in Greece, then that person would have an Italian ethnicity and not a Greek ethnicity.

What Is Nationality?

Nationality refers to the country of origin of a person. It simply means the relationship between a person and the state of origin.

Nationality is a legal concept and it causes patriotism. The rights and powers of nationals vary from one state to another.

Example: If a person born in India and living in the US, will only have an Indian nationality, and not an American nationality.

Comparison Chart: Ethnicity Vs Nationality

Basic Terms Ethnicity Nationality
Definition Refers to racial ancestry of a person Refer to the country of origin of an individual
Identification Trick Language, religion, culture, race, etc. Place of birth or inheritance
Represents Heritage and ancestry Legal status
Arises from Ethnic background Geographical location
Causes Racism Patriotism

Core Differences Between Ethnicity and Nationality In Point Form 

  1. Nationality refers to a country of origin whereas ethnicity refers to the racial ancestry.
  2. Ethnicity comprise of cultural concepts while nationality legal concepts
  3. Ethnicity arises from the ethnic background while nationality from the geographical location
  4. Nationality represent legal status while ethnicity heritage and ancestry
  5. Identification of ethnicity is through language, religion, culture, and race while nationality through the place of birth.
  6. Nationality causes patriotism while ethnicity racism

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