6 Significant Difference between Culture and Society In Point Form

What is the difference between culture and society?

Human beings since creation have been divided into groups based on colors, creed, and caste and according to the location. This has resulted in the emergence of culture and society.

The lesson provides a detailed insight into the difference between culture and society. The relationship between society and culture is somehow close but different. Let’s find out:

Difference between Culture and Society

What Is Culture?

Culture is a set of beliefs, customs, knowledge, and behavior shared by a certain group of people. They are typically a way of life of people such as lifestyle, symbols, morals, art, laws, and values.

Culture is normally passed down from one generation to another through communication, teaching, and imitation. It is the main social heritage of a group.

The core function of culture is to find solutions to the arising problems brought about by the interaction of a group of members and the environment.

What Is Society

Society is a group of people who share a common location, culture, and behavioral patterns. It is also referred to as an ordered community due to continuous social interaction with the members.

Therefore, society is a group of people who have organized themselves to live in the same geographical area and come into contact with each other.

The most unique thing is that they share common values, traditions, and cultures. Besides that, they have a common religion and culture.

Comparison Chart: Culture Vs Society

Basic Terms Culture Society
Meaning It is a set of beliefs, values, and behavior of people It is a group of people living together and socially connected to each other
Origin The way of living before the issue of colonization arises Tend to vary since people may depart and demolish the existing one
Effect on people Unite people and people tend to recall their traditions as well as moral values Developed by people and it may have people of different cultures and religion
Represents Rules that guide the way people live. The structure that provides the way people organize themselves.
Examples Fashion, lifestyle, tastes & preferences, music, art, etc. Economy, village, city, etc
Conclusion The way of working of people A group of people living and working together

Core Differences Between Culture and Society In Point Form 

  1. Culture controls the behavior of people whereas society is made by people and run by them according to their will.
  2. Culture tends to be same for a group of people but society comprises of people with different culture
  3. The formation of culture remain constant since its origin while destruction of society causes some changes
  4. Culture portrays the internal view of the society while society shows the actual outlook for the shape of culture.
  5. Society reflects the economy while culture reflects the fashion, lifestyle, tastes, and preferences.
  6. Culture unites the social structures while society construct it
  7. Culture helps to differentiate between one society and another while society is a group of people residing in a particular region.

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Culture and society are closely related but the two terms are quite different. Culture helps to guide people while society is a platform where people occupy to practice their culture. Understanding the difference between culture and society will help you to know when to use the terms. Good luck.

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