7 Amazing Difference between Creativity and Innovation

What is the difference between creativity and innovation?

There is a lot of confusion brought up by creativity and innovation. A lot of people are using these terms interchangeably and this is not supposed to be so.

The article provides a detailed insight into the difference between creativity and innovation in entrepreneurship or general. Let’s figure out now:

Difference between Creativity and Innovation

What Is Creativity?

Creativity is the art of imagination to generate new ideas, solutions, alternatives, and possibilities in a unique way.

Therefore, creativity is dreaming up new things that can be developed through learning and comprehending things.

It should be expressive, exciting, and imaginative but it is not genetic. It is simply brainstorming and mind-blowing.

What Is Innovation?

Innovation is the art of converting unique ideas into tangible things. It is simply the process of making the dream come true.

Innovation could be in the form of new technology, a new product line segment, the new method of production, and improvement in the existing product.

The core effect of innovation should be positive which aims to improve performance and productivity in a company.

Comparison Chart: Creativity Vs Innovation

Creativity Innovation
It is the art of coming up with new ideas, solutions, and possibilities It is the act of introducing something new and effective into the market
Tend to be imaginative Tend to be productive
Not quantifiable Tend to be quantifiable
Related to thinking something new Related to introducing something new
Does not involve the use of money Tend to involve the use of money
Tend to be risk-free Tend to be risky to venture into the new idea

Core Differences Between Creativity and Innovation In Point Form 

  1. Creativity is dreaming of new things while innovation makes those dreams come true.
  2. Creativity is thinking up of new ideas, solutions, and alternatives while innovation is the process of converting those thoughts to something practical for usage
  3. Creativity tends to be imaginative while innovation is productive
  4. Creativity is generating new ideas while innovation is bringing those ideas to life
  5. Innovation is related to observations while creativity to experience
  6. Creativity does not involve the use of money while innovation involves the use of money.
  7. Creativity is risk-free while innovation is risky in nature

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It is important to incorporate creativity and innovation into the business for it to last longer. However, these two terms tend to result in a lot of disputes during the initial stages.

Understanding the difference between creativity and innovation highlighted above will help to solve some of those disputes in a business organization.

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