8 Difference between Cologne and Perfume (With Table)

Many people find it challenging to buy a fragrance. An individual needs to be mindful of factors such as brand, price, type, and concentration.

But holding onto these factors won’t help in choosing the perfect scent. The rule of thumb is to understand how different fragrances are made by manufacturers.

Some fragrances are made from natural oils and others from synthetic oils. It is the reason why some usually fade away quickly and others are too strong to an extent of choking the user.

Cologne and perfume are two major categories of fragrances in the market today. Many people find it challenging to tell their differences.

So, what is the main difference between cologne and perfume? A perfume has a potent and intense fragrance than cologne. Besides that, cologne is for men and perfume for women.

This article provides more insight into the differences between cologne and perfume based on composition, usage, fragrant choice, and intensity.

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Comparison Table (Cologne vs Perfume)

Basic Terms Cologne Perfume
Intensity Fragrances are less intense. Fragrances are more potent and intense.
Usage Can be used liberally Can be used sparingly
Longevity Does not last for long Tend to last longer
Scents Contain one scent despite being made from several scents Contain several scents to create a layer of fragrance
Fragrance Concentration 3-8% of aromatic compounds 15-18% of aromatic compounds.
Cost Inexpensive Very expensive

What Is Cologne?

It is a type of perfume that originated from the city of Cologne in Germany. The fragrance was invented by an Italian perfumer Giovanni Maria Farina in the 1790s.

Cologne can be applied to both men and women. The fragrances are made from a mixture of essential oils, extracts, alcohol, and water.

But the intensity of the cologne is not strong and long-lasting. It is the best option for those individuals that hate strong scents due to their chocking nature.

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What Is Perfume?

It is made from a mixture of aromatic compounds, solvents, and fixatives. These fragrances were discovered in the earliest days of civilization in the world.

The concentration of aromatic compounds and essential oils determines the intensity of the perfumes. Pure perfumes consist of 15-18% of essential oils.

A perfume with the highest concentration of essential oils tends to give a long-lasting fragrance. It is the reason why they are termed as more potent and intense.

Perfumes are applied to the pulse points of the body. Keep in mind that perfumes come in different scents. Headnote, middle note, and base notes are the most common perfume scents.

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Main Difference between Cologne and Perfume

  1. Cologne is a type of perfume developed in Cologne city. Perfume is a mixture of aromatic compounds and solvents.
  2. Cologne is also known as Eau de Cologne. Perfume is also called Parfum or Eau de Parfume.
  3. Cologne has about 3-5% of essential oil concentration while perfume has about 15-18%.
  4. Cologne can be sprayed or splashed on the body while perfume can only be sprayed.
  5. Cologne can only last for around two hours while perfume for five to six hours.
  6. Perfumes are more expensive while cologne is inexpensive.
  7. Cologne comes in one scent while perfumes come in several scents.
  8. Perfume is more potent and intense while cologne is less intense.

Similarities between Cologne and Perfume

  1. Used by both men and women
  2. Help to improve self-esteem
  3. Suitable for all seasons
  4. Both came into existence during the early civilization

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In Conclusion

If you love a strong scent that is long-lasting, I recommend going for perfume (Check best deals on Amazon). Perfume ingredients are more potent and intense.

Those individuals that love something mild should consider colognes (Check the best deals on Amazon now). The scent is not that strong to chock and tends to last for a shorter period.

But both perfumes and colognes are the perfect choices for uplifting your self-esteem. No more smelling disgusting sweats scent while hanging out with your friends.

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