6 Crucial Difference between Biography and Autobiography

What is the difference between biography and autobiography?

Biography and autobiography are traditional forms of literature that describe a person’s life journey. The two documents view the events that happen in the past.

The article provides some insights into the difference between biography and autobiography in tabular form for easier understanding.

Difference between Biography and Autobiography

What Is Biography?

Biography is a detailed account of a person’s life produced by another person. The core parts are the birthplace, education details, work, relationship, and death.

Besides that, it provides information about the pros and cons of analyzing the personality of the person. It is normally in a written form but can be composed in other forms of literature.

Every single information collects tends to be facts about the person and they are put in written words for future references.

What Is Autobiography?

Autobiography is a life journey of a person written by himself or herself. The document contains all the details present in the biography but they are written by the person himself.

The core areas highlighted in the autobiography are the character, place of birth, education, work, life experience, challenges, and achievement.

Besides that, it may contain events or stories during childhood, teenage, and adulthood. Also, the narrator gives the character sketch of a person.

Comparison Chart: Biography Vs Autobiography

Basic TermsBiographyAutobiography
MeaningIt is an account that tells someone else life storyIt is an account that provides your life story.
Written inThird-personFirst-person
AuthorizationCan be written with or without authorizationNot required
Core PurposeTo informTo express and inform
OutlookBased on facts collectedFull of emotions and thoughts

Core Difference between Biography and Autobiography

  1. The biography provides an account of a person’s life while autobiography provides an account of your life story
  2. Biography is written in the third person whereas autobiography in the first person
  3. Biography tend to be objective while autobiography subjective
  4. The biography presents information based on facts collected while autobiography has a lot of emotions and thoughts.
  5. The main aim of the biography is to inform whereas an autobiography is to express and inform.
  6. Biography can be written with or without authorization while autobiography does not need authorization.

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There is plenty of biography and autobiography in the world today. Some can be in the form of written literature or videos or audios. You can pick the one that suits your needs.

The core difference between biography and autobiography is the author such that biography is written by someone while autobiography by oneself.

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