5 Difference between Bathrobe and Dressing Gown (With Table)

When inside your house you may like to put on clothes that are loose to allow your body to relax as the whole you have been putting on tight or fitting clothes.

The main question is which clothes are suitable to be worn when in the house? Some may prefer bathrobes while some may prefer dressing gowns.

Many people have used bathrobes and dressing gowns interchangeably without really knowing what the difference between the two is.

Both are loose-fitting robes worn by both men and women when at home for casual relaxation. They are worn during the time someone is getting out of bed or when getting ready to be dressed.

So, what is the main difference between a bathrobe and a dressing gown? The bathrobe is made from toweling material while dressing gowns are made from light material.

For more information about the differences between a bathrobe and dressing gown in tabular form continue reading this article. You will also get to learn about the similarities between the two.

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Comparison Table (Bathrobe vs Dressing Gown)

Basic Terms Bathrobe Dressing Gown
Meaning  It is a loose-fitting outer garment worn by both men and women while inside the house. It is a long and loose robe or coat worn informally while inside the house.
Material made of It is made of thick, toweling material. It is made of light material.
Design They have a pretty basic, plain design. They have intricate designs.
Popularity They are more popular. They are less popular.
Uses It keeps the body warm and absorbs water from the body. It is worn to cover the body.

What is Bathrobe?

The bathrobe is a loose garment worn by both men and women especially after bathing to dry off the water on the body. They are made of thick toweling material to enable them to absorb water on the body.

They are worn while inside your house but they are not suitable for outdoor unless while going to the pool or spa.

After taking shower you may feel cold. When you put on a bathrobe it will make you feel warm as they are made of thick and heavy material.

They also protect your modesty whereby when you have guests in the house you will not appear half-naked while going to take shower as it will cover you completely.

As they are made of absorbent fabrics, they may help dry your body fast and completely absorb all the water hence your skin not remaining wet. (Best Bathrobe Deals on Amazon).

What is a Dressing Gown?

A dressing gown is a long and loose robe worn informally in the house by both men and women. It can also be referred to as a morning gown or housecoat.

It has an open front which can be closed by a fabric belt. It can be put on over nightwear when you are partially dressed.

They are not made of absorbent material like bathrobes. They are made from soft and light materials hence they cannot serve the purpose of drying off water from your body.

They are less popular in modern times although they used to be very popular sometimes back. They originated in the 17th and 18th centuries from a robe-style coat called ‘Banyan’.

In most cases, they are tied around the body after swimming. Some dress gowns are hooded to cover the head.

There are various types of dressing gowns. Hooded dressing gowns, beach dressing gowns, spa dressing gowns. It depends on the purpose of the dressing gown. (Best Dressing Gown Deals on Amazon).

Main Differences between Bathrobe and Dressing Gown

  1. Bathrobes are loose-fitting outer garments worn by both men and women while dressing gowns are long and loose robes or coats worn inside the house.
  2. Bathrobes are made of thick and heavy materials while dressing gowns are made of soft and light materials.
  3. Bathrobes absorb water from the body while dressing gowns do not.
  4. Bathrobes are worn after taking a shower while dressing gowns can be anytime while in the house.
  5. Bathrobes keep the body warm while dressing gowns cannot keep the body warm.

Similarities between Bathrobe and Dressing Gown

  1. Both are loose garments.
  2. Both are worn indoors.
  3. Both are long.
  4. Both are used to cover the body when partially dressed.
  5. Both are open in front and can be closed with a belt.
  6. Both are worn by men and women.


Bathrobes and dressing gowns are loose garments worn by both men and women while inside the body to allow the body to relax.

Bathrobes are mostly used after a shower to absorb water from the body and keep you warm. Dressing gowns are worn to cover the body while partially dressed.

The main difference between bathrobes and dressing gowns is that bathrobes are made from thick toweling material while dressing gowns are made from soft and light material.

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