6 Difference between Adonde and Donde (With Table)

Knowing many languages has become a privilege to many people. Many people learn new languages so that they can communicate with people from all over the world.

Spanish is one of the languages that is being taught in many institutions as students would wish to continue with their studies in other countries.

Adonde and donde are some of the Spanish words that are commonly used in daily conversation. This calls for people to learn their meanings and be able to tell their difference.

So, what is the main difference between adonde and donde? Adonde represents destinations while donde means the locations.

For more information about the difference between adonde and donde in tabular form, continue reading the article. You will also get to learn of the similarities between the two words.

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Comparison Table (Adonde vs Donde)

Basic Terms Adonde Donde
Definition It represents the destination. It represents a location.
Part of speech It is used as an adverb. It is used as a pronoun.
Reference It is used to refer to direction. It is used to refer to a location.
Classes of words that come after It is followed by verbs. It is followed by prepositions or nouns.
Usage Used when referring to destination. Used when referring to object.
Example in a sentence Where will you go next summer? Where is the school?

What is Adonde?

The word adonde is used to express destination. When used in a sentence someone is provoked to answer where he or she is going to.

Example in a sentence we can have, where will you go for next summer? This will make the respondent to think of the destination he or she would be going to.

It is all about the movement of someone or something. When the word is used, then the statements contain where and go.

It is used as an adverb in a sentence and is followed by a verb to make the subject agree with the verb correctly in a sentence.

What is Donde?

The word donde is used to refer to location. It is used when you are asking someone where something is. The statement normally contains words where and is.

For example when asking where are the books then we use the word donde. For example in a sentence, we can talk about where is the school.

It is a pronoun and is usually followed by a noun or a preposition in a sentence to make the verb agree with the subject and have a meaningful sentence.

It answers the question where. The answer normally talks of the location of something or someone hence the question where is the preferred as it answers about the place.

Main Difference between Adonde and Donde

  1. Adonde explains an object or thing while donde explains location.
  2. Adonde is followed by a verb such as going while donde is followed by nouns or prepositions.
  3. Adonde can be used to show surprise expressions while donde will only talk of location.
  4. Adonde is used as an adverb while donde is used as a pronoun.
  5. Adonde is used when the question is where to while donde is used when the question is about where.

Similarities between Adonde and Donde

  1. They are both verbs.
  2. Both are found in the Spanish language.


The two words are often used when communicating. Most people use them interchangeably and this makes the meaning of the sentence change.

However, the two words are different from each other. The main difference between the adonde and donde is that adonde is used as an adverb to show destination while donde is used as a pronoun and it shows location when used in a sentence.

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